Picture Lighting For The Museum Look

Were you thinking about Picture Lighting?  Okay, so you don’t have the Mona Lisa in a corner, but you’re proud of the little museum you call home, and also of all the artwork you have collected, made, created or otherwise gotten onto your walls. 

Whatever the medium — pastels , watercolors , oil paintings , your kid’s etchings — you want your art pieces to be displayed to best advantage and not just hang there in the corners. 

So keep thinking about it; picture lights are a great alternative to redoing the house completely, ripping out walls to install gigantic windows to let more light in.

These little tiny alcove , floor and ceiling lamps make the most elegant difference you can imagine to the look of your home, and for far less than you’d think. 

Picture lighting can shine out in a number of different ways, and from a number of different angles.  And thankfully, each has a style that will match your d

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