Personal Injury Attorney Facts And Fees

A personal injury attorney is an attorney that specializes in cases where a client has sustained physical and/or psychological damage due to the negligent or willful conduct of others.  These lawyers are specialists in the field of tort law, which is the branch of law that covers the breach of civil duty that we all owe to each other.  These lawyers often advertise their services heavily, and become well known in the community if they are successful.  This is why finding adequate personal injury representation is relatively easy.

Finding a top personal injury attorney could be as simple as asking your friends and neighbors for a referral.  Chances are you know somebody who knows just such a lawyer.  Preferably, you want to find one who has actually used the attorneys services, so you can get feedback on how well the lawyer did their job. 

Hiring a personal injury attorney is an important decision.  Take advantage of the fact that many of these attorneys offer free consultation sessions.  During these meetings, the attorneys ask questions and attempt to determine whether or not you have a strong case.  If you do have a case that they believe to be winnable, then they will offer to take your case.  Sometimes they will require a retainer fee up front in order to pursue the case.

Often times, however, attorneys take these cases on a contingency fee basis.  A top personal injury attorney should be able to determine with a fair amount of certainty whether a case is winnable or not.  If an attorney is confident that a case is winnable, then they often will not charge any money at the outset of the case.  Rather, they pay for all of the fees themselves in expectation of recovering a certain percentage of the damages to be awarded.  This percentage can be as high as 33%. 

Because the initial consultation in these cases is usually free, you should speak with more than one lawyer before deciding on hiring a personal injury attorney.  This gives you he advantage of listening to more than one expert tell you their opinion of the strength of your case.  It also allows you to evaluate the attorneys and find one with whom you feel the most comfortable. 

Once you have hired your attorney, the process begins.  Hopefully you will be able to reach a settlement of the claim and avoid court altogether.  But if you have to go to trial, expect to be called to testify.  A good attorney will also have access to expert witnesses that they trust to help them win the case by interpreting the evidence.  In a contingency case, you do not have to worry about paying feed if you lose.  Because of this, the lawyer is motivated to get the best deal possible, and less likely to settle unless the offer is appropriate to the case.  In any event, accident cases require the use of a personal injury attorney with expertise and extensive experience in the field.

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