Moving How to Pack Efficiently

Moving house can be quite a thrilling experience especially if you are starting a new life in your dream home. However, this experience can also be quite overwhelming if you have not planned and organized yourself sufficiently. One of the most important aspects of this process is packing. The ease of your relocation will be dictated by how you have organized your stuff. Remember it is not simply about getting the things out of your old house, but you also have to rearrange them once you get to your new house.

There are numerous ways of going about the packing process
The method you select will largely depend on your budget as well as the work force available to you. People who have extra money to spend could opt for using professionals for this process, as this will take away the burden of having to do it on your own. However, some people would rather be hands on. This way they can know where everything is and not get confused once they get to the new house. Although the process may seem tedious, there are a few tips that could come in handy and make it less of a headache for everyone that is involved.

Allocate enough time for moving house
When it comes to packing, the key to doing it in an organized manner would be to give yourself sufficient time. All items that can be packed away beforehand should be packed. This will give you considerable time on the actual day to pack the bigger stuff that you use on a regular basis. It is recommended that one give themselves about five to six weeks' time to pack for the big day. This way every single day and week, you can be putting away things that you do not use regularly.

Labeling is king

To make the entire moving process more organized, you should sufficiently label all your boxes. One of the greatest frustrations when people relocate to a new home is not being able to find something when they desperately need it. The fact that you will have numerous boxes to sift through will only increase your frustration. A great way of going about the labeling process would be to start with color coordination. Designate a specific color for each room of the house. For example, kitchen items could be packed in yellow boxes. Master bedroom items could be packed in green boxes. Clothes could be packed in red boxes and so on. Once this is done, ensure that each box is labeled with the exact contents that it has. For example, if you put cutlery in a yellow box, do not also include plastic plates in the same box. If you decide to do so, ensure that the box clearly indicates all the items that it is carrying. This will make it much easier for you to settle in your new home as all the color-coordinated boxes can be placed in their respective rooms from the word go.

Have a checklist
One of the things that commonly happen when people relocate is forgetting stuff in their old home. To avoid this, it is pertinent that you keep a checklist. This may seem cumbersome considering all the items that you may have in your home. To make it easier, have a checklist for each room. This way you will be dealing with one checklist at a time. You can also include tasks in your checklist. For example, if you have dry cleaning to pick up, you can include this with the clothes&#39; checklist.</P>

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