How to Find a Piano Moving Company That Suits Your Needs

Moving requires time and skill, the more there is to move and the larger the objects the more time it takes. There are larger items that require hiring movers to ensure that they reach the destination safely, a piano moving company is typically the best choice when moving a piano a long distance. There are things to consider when hiring a piano mover such as piano moving cost, whether the company is insured in the event of damage and how much experience the company has when it comes to moving pianos. The piano moving equipment used will vary depending on where the piano is being moved, there will be different equipment for moving a piano upstairs than when moving it across country.

The size and difficulty of moving the piano will be a factor in whether or not the attempt to move it yourself is done or if a company is hired to move it. There is more difficulty involved in moving a piano in and out of a structure than in moving it from room to room. The moving of a piano over a long distance such as across the country which will require more attention to detail and special packaging of the piano to prevent damage. </P> <P>There are things that should be kept in mind prior to hiring a company to move your piano:

Crating abilities the unusual shape of the piano makes crating it correctly

  • The location of the piano as it relates to the moves complexity
  • Experience level/years in business and the track record for moving pianos in one piece
  • Insurance  to cover damages or loss and ensure that you are able to purchase adequate coverage to make up the difference in what the company's coverage will not take care of
  • Prices for moving the piano ask for a breakdown of what the moving rates cover and how they are charged
  • State licensing laws for moving services laws that require a company be licensed usually included showing proof of insurance minimum coverage amounts and adequate equipment for moving the items

Ask for references to ensure that you are making the best decision when it comes to the piano moving company that you are choosing.

There are different types of piano moving equipment that include:

  • Piano dollies to ensure moving from room to room is done easily
  • Cranes used to move pianos over larger obstacles or in the event they are being moved through windows of multiple story buildings
  • Humpstrap aids in moving piano
  • Locking piano belts used to secure the piano
  • Piano skid board secures 

When it comes to hiring a piano mover it takes more than checking the yellow pages or an Internet search to ensure that you are hiring the best piano moving company. The history of the company should be checked thoroughly prior to agreeing to hire them. Piano moving cost will vary from company to company but it is important to determine what the fees include to make sure that there will not be any hidden fees to pay for the service that you are not prepared for.

The reputation of the piano moving company and the amount of experience they have is important. Pianos are expensive pieces of musical equipment that makes it vital to find the correct company for moving them. The company should have insurance to cover losses and an additional policy to cover anything that the company's policy does not take care of is a good idea to ensure that your expensive purchase is not a total loss in the event that something unforeseen should happen during the moving of the piano.

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