Metal Roof Repair and Replacement - Finding the Best

For many commercial building owners, metal roofs remain a very popular choice. They are modern, nice looking and most importantly have a long life span. As a building owner, it is important to keep in mind metal roof repair and replacement procedures. A metal roof that has been well installed also has the capacity to withstand harsh climatic conditions. A properly installed metallic roof could last for a lifetime with proper maintenance and repair. However, as sturdy and resistant as the metal roofs are, they still require ample maintenance and repair every now and then

When talking about a metal roof, it is essential to understand that there are various variations of metal roofing. Some of the types of metals that are utilized in making roofs include steel, zinc alloys, aluminum and copper. Normally, the metal roofing is coated or even painted. There are two ways of installing metallic roofs; as shingles or large individual sheets. Irrespective of the installation designs, the roofs will have some seams where pieces of metal fit together.

With time, metal roof are likely to rust especially due to exposure to moisture. In older roofs, leaks are prevalent. The leaks could also occur if the roofs were poorly installed. It is for this reason that metal roofs require regular maintenance, restoration and repair. There are several repair techniques offered by metal roof repair and replacement experts. One of the repair techniques is that of soldering the metal roof. It comes in handy when you have some holes on the roof. You have to obtain a piece of metal that is similar to the one from which the roof is made. This is then trimmed into an appropriate size that covers the hole and extends beyond it a bit. The repair piece does not have to be the same color as your roof as you can always have it painted after repair.

Before conducting repairs on a metal roof, a wire brush ought to be used to clean the areas of the roof where the patch will be affixed. When affixing the patch, soldering flux is commonly used. The flux is applied all around the hole and also on the patch of metal. The patch is then strategically placed to cover the hole. Using the soldering gun, the patch is soldered around the edges. When these procedures are being conducted, the repair contractors wear some protective clothing such as goggles and protective hand gloves.

If you have an aluminum metal roof, it would be advisable to use wire mesh while patching leaks and holes as opposed to soldering. You have to obtain the right size of a wire mesh that will appropriately cover the damaged area. Once the area to be repaired has been thoroughly cleaned, some urethane roofing cement is properly applied on top of it. Once the mesh patch has been properly placed, another layer of roofing cement should be applied on top of it. A second piece of mesh patch is placed and some more roofing cement placed on top of it.

With different companies offering metal roof repair and replacement services, it would be advisable to hire these professionals instead of repairing the roof personally. They understand the ins and the outs of metal roof repairs. There are certain precautions that homeowners may overlook due to lack of technical knowhow. For instance, if you are dealing with steel roofing, you should use non-corrosive resin flux. With copper roofing, you should use acid flux.

Regardless, when seeking metal roof repair or replacement, finding the best commercial roofer will save you thousands over the lifetime of your commercial building.

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