List of the most popular BMW cars

Looking for a list of the most popular BMW cars?  or Bayerische Motoren Werke was founded nearly 102 years ago in Munich, Germany. As a producer of luxury cars, motorcycles and engines; it has production units in China, India, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Germany. The first car by BMW was the Dixi. When BMW stepped in to the automotive industry, they bought the automobilwerk Eisenach in 1928. This provided them the right to build the Dixi. The first car batch had the name of BMW Dixi. Later the name Dixi was dropped and the model was called BMW 3/15 DA-2.

BMW cars have been be applauded by the masses, the models mentioned below have sparked most among the audience. Let us give you a bit of information about them.


The name impresses power, and this is what the car model delivers. This is a BMW 5 series E34 executive car, and provides high performance as results. The company began to manufacture this model first in 1989. It made an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show and was praised by the audience. Its production was stopped in 1994, however, a total of 507 vehicles for this model were manufactured. BMW collectors always keep an eye on the market in order to get their hands on this rare car. But the call is, that you need to keep the cash ready.


Also known as the little Iso, this small car is also known as a bubble car. This is the first car in the history that achieved a fuel consumption rating of 78 miles per gallon. During its time, this car was a best seller. The BMW ISETTA ran from 1955 to 1962; the VELAM ISETTA ran from 1955 to 1958 and the ROMI ISETTA, they remained in the market rom 1956 o 1961. This car is treated as an esteemed collectible now and 161,728 units of this icon have been sold during its product span. 


This icon is a design of the genius Giorgetto Giugiaro. It is applauded in the history as one of the most gorgeous beamers. Its concept was completed by BMW in 1992. This was a revamping attempt on its old concept of 1991 Nazca M12. During the contemporary times, it is among the hottest collectibles. 

E30 BMW M3:

With a production run from 1987 to 1991, this model was an aspiration for all M3s. One just couldn’t find a better agile handling vehicle than this one. It set a higher standards for all other automakers. Most racing buffs and car enthusiasts called this model the “God’s Chariot”. It is a golden sparrow in the history of sports cars, racing cars and cars which had set new standards.

BMW 700 RS:

When BMW introduced this model, the company was in a financial plight and it acted as a savior. Its body was constructed with extremely light material. It has a chassis of tubular steel framing with a handmade aluminum body that made it more aerodynamic than the models manufactured earlier. 

BMW 750IL V16:

This 750iL V16 is the E32 7 series was first introduced in summers, 1987 and the engine was completed a year later. Though it was appreciated by the masses, the engine wasn’t able to hit the mass production lines. 

BMW E46 M3:

Among the most desired models of the M3s, it had a S54 3.2 liter inline six-cylinder fitted in it. Its design was sleek, one of its kind and had naturally aspirated V6 autos that were produced from the M3s.

The popular BMW collection is far from being summed up, however, you have been provided an insight! 

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