How You Use The Internet To Market Your Business

The Internet business blog!  If you've never heard of it, or considered it, and you're the CEO and chief architect of this amazing new internet business (with one staff member you), then small business blogs are your new best friend, especially if you run an internet home business. 

These days, everyone with a brain in their head is tapping into the Internet, and all of them are looking to make money at it.  There are nearly a hundred different Internet marketing tools to get your business going on the Web, and hundreds of ways of getting potential customers to check you out. 
Before we get to the blog, lets mention a few ways you should be using along with blogging:

You definitely should use a technique called SEO, Search Engine Optimization.   This means you create and fill your content with keywords that you want the Google and other search engines to find when people look for the topic that happens to be your business. 

Got a restaurant?  Cuisine, five-star, great food, might be the beginning keywords for you.  Got a teen clothing store?   Goth, vampire (thats right, get the Twilight crowd coming around), lingerie, hot.  Definitely use hot and sexy if you can; those keywords really sell.
Keep your main page full with these keywords.  And dont overdo the keywords in the opening copy.  Only 60 characters ever register on Google.

Hopefully, youre using Headings and Subheadings in your copy.  Put keywords in them!  They hit the beholder right between the eye, and theyre in nice bright colors, if you have a web designer that knows his stuff.
Now, hyperlinksglowing blue little friendsconnect you to other sites, and other sites to you.  You can double, triple, quadruple your hits automatically with these.

Now all that is in place: SEO, Keywords, hyperlinks, headings.
Now start blogging. 

For some reason, blogging, more than any other technique, is the one method that really lures people in to your website, especially if you place your standard keywords in the title (careful now!  Dont let it read like an ad!)
So what does the blog look like?  And what do you blog about? 

It looks like a regular internet article, except it exists in your blog (or blogging center, or All About Us, or whatever you call your blogging corral).   And its all about your business.

Thats it.  People love to read these more than any ad, any come-on, any suspicious spam or dazzling grabber that hits them when they visit your site.  People read blogs because they do one thing ads online never docommunicate.
Readers love to read about your business:  how you started it, why you started it, what you think of the current business scene, why youre going to make these improvements, what you do in your spare time (yeah, they love to read about hobbies, too).  Anything is a valid topic as long as it doesnt try to sell something or lecture them towards a particular viewpoint (which people suspect will take them to an ad for a particular product). 

Blogs are immensely popular right now, and they should be the end of any Internet CEOs business day.  Youve run the business well, the manufacturers are on track, the sales are through the roof and the shipping contracts went smoothly today.  Wow, youve had a busy day, little CEO.
Now, before you get any shut-eye, get in front of your screenand blog something.  Blog something about what happened today, what is going to happen tomorrow or what the plan is for the future.  Just talk about the businessand you. 

You will not find a better customer magnet anywhere than blogging. 
The internet business blog is always your best business friend. 

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