Social Media Tips For Businesses

The number of people who are subscribed to at least one social media network is growing every day.  Social is a phenomenon with staying power.  It allows people to keep in contact with friends and family.  For businesses, ignoring this phenomenon is a big mistake.  Social networks have a huge role to play in the future of marketing.

One of the big advantages of using social media in marketing campaigns is that it allows businesses to stay in touch with present and future clients.  To make the most of social networking, businesses need to stay consistently engaged with their audiences.  Staying involved allows businesses to stay abreast of current and future customer needs.

Social networking is also an effective adjunct to a comprehensive customer service program.  While people might be too shy to speak up in person or make a phone call, complaining on social networking sites is a growing trend.  Being able to catch these customer complaints and handle them efficiently is a great small business marketing strategy. 

Content is king.  When using social media in marketing for small businesses, it is important to keep a steady stream of fresh content for your followers.  Nobody wants to be inundated with sales pitches on their profile page.  But interesting stories that portray your business as a real member of the community will keep your followers engaged, and keep your business at the top of their minds.  Remember to encourage your followers to share your content, as that will increase your marketing reach exponentially. 

Promoting interaction is also important.  One way conversations are boring.  Encourage your followers to interact with you as well as with each other.  This will allow your future and present clients to share opinions and give advice in regards to your goods or services.  Stay involved with these conversations, as they might flush out opportunities for improvement that you might not have thought of on your own. 

Be sure to achieve balance in your social media interactions.  Information about your goods and services is important.  That is the small business marketing aspect of your involvement in social networking.  But, balance the information with other interesting content.  For example, you can share photographs of people using your goods or services.  Or, you can help promote important social events for charities that you find relevant to both your business and your community.  And since we are engaged in social networking, a little socializing wouldnt hurt either.  Post opinions about local current events, but avoid any stories that might be polarizing to avoid turning away future business contacts. 

Above all, make sure that your businesss social networking presence is fun and entertaining.  Social networks are, at their heart, entertainment.  They are a way for people to escape for a time and communicate with people they know or have something in common with.  If your presence is perceived as a chore to your followers, they will not be following you very long.

Modern comprehensive marketing campaigns cannot afford to overlook the rise of social networks as an important part of everyday life.  Where email was slowly destroying the postal service, social networking might have delivered the death blow.  People no longer have to send letters to stay in touch.  They can just go to their web browsers and suddenly all of their friends and family members are a few mouse clocks away.  These sites have become a source of entertainment as well as of news and information.  Learning how to effectively use social media as part of your businesss marketing strategy will help move your current marketing plans into the new millennium.

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