How to Find the Best Cell Phone Service

Cell phone service has become almost a right of passage in our country.  When a ten or twelve year old is responsible enough to have a cell phone, then it is a big deal. Before purchasing a cell phone plan getting information about the cell phone service providers available, is a smart move.  Competition between companies can help you get the best deals on buying phones and the monthly plans.

The best Cell phone service you may be different from others, so doing your own research about the phones and the plan options is recommended.  A friend can get a great deal for fifty dollars and can tell you that it is the best plan to get.  Once you look into it, you find there are services that you will never use on that plan.  It no longer is a fabulous deal if you wont take advantage of all the options.

Sometimes a prepaid phone option or the no contract phones, like Cricket offers, might have the best plans for you, so don't forget to search those options before you rule out a cell phone altogether.  The prepaid phones are more expensive per minute, but if you use your phone in frequently, then the freedom from a monthly payment definitely makes sense.  A phone with no contract gives you the flexibility to take a month off, if needed without penalty. With a contract you have to pay for every month or have late charges and risk the loss of the plan altogether.

In addition to the different plans, the cell phone service providers have some differences in the reception in your area.  The providers all have coverage maps that give you an idea of the quality of reception or service where you need it.  Some may allow you to actually test the reception with a loaner phone before you sign up for the service plan.  Rural areas and places tucked into valleys might be on the cusp on the coverage map, but the real test is how the phone performs.  A cell phone booster may help if your house is in an area where signal strength is low.  This is an external antenna that attaches to the phone through a jack.  A signal repeater is also an option.  It has an antenna that is mounted on a window or outside area and then inside there is a base that plugs into an outlet.  The signal is repeated from the antenna to the base and then amplified for your phone to pick up.  With the technology evolving everyday, cell phones are becoming smarter and with more and more cell phone towers sending out signals, there are fewer areas that will need a cell phone booster or signal repeater, but there are still some spots and if you are in one of them, your frustration is understandable.

Cell Phone Service has become a staple in todays technological world.  Choosing the right phone for your needs and the plan that gives you the best service for the money can be a challenge, but it can be done.  Finding out what phone service works the best in your area is critical before you sign a contract for two years and are stuck with poor service.  Sometimes bad reception can be helped by a booster or signal repeater, but other phone services may do better in your area.  Trying a phone in your area before getting the service from a certain provider can help you save time and hassle. Before you know it you'll be answering, I can hear you, now, from your house or car.