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Have you heard of Call Capture? According to Jordan Wexler, founder of, “it has been and still is the most powerful secret weapon used by tens of thousands of real estate agents, mortgage and insurance professionals, network marketers and countless other small business professionals to generate ongoing quality leads 24/7 - without cold calling or expensive advertising.”

As the name suggests, Call Capture refers to the capturing of the caller’s data. pioneered the technology over 30 years ago and uses an enhanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology embedded within a simple toll-free phone number.

This allows business owners to (1) generate up to 300-400% more calls that using a traditional office or cell number, (2) track the exact cost-effectiveness of all their advertising efforts and (3) automatically capture the caller’s phone number - even if they have an unlisted or Caller-ID blocked number! In other words, they can generate many more leads and never lose even a single lead again.

“The speed of communication between the business owner and potential clients is critical to the success of any business,'' states Wexler, “in today’s economy, if you don’t provide information on your business 24/7, at the height of a potential client’s interest and follow up right away, someone else will - and you will lose the deal!”

With over 10,000 small business having signed up, Wexler has the data to prove it. 

“Many small business owners are losing more than half of their potential clients every day and don’t even know it!.” Wexler continues, “over the past 30 years, we found that up to 30-40% of consumer calls come in to businesses before 8 a.m. and after 5 pm. That is because most consumers work all day, when did you think they had time to call when they need a roofer, a painter or any other professionals? 

Add to that the 30% or so of calls that come in during the day, but the business owner wasn’t available, was out of cell range, was busy, missed the call, etc - put it together and it’s roughly 70% of valuable small business leads lost unnecessarily!

You see, when consumers see information labeled as “Free 24 Hour Recorded Information” they call much more often since they prefer calling information that is free, available 24/7 (when they are) and recorded or non-confrontational. But our members can see that themselves since they have access to 10 real-time reports, which track the Area Code, Date, Hour, Extensions, Marketing Source, Result of the Caller, Overall Statistics, Marketing Effectiveness, Average Call Length, Direct Connects, and Notifications,

But Wexler, also the founder/CEO of (one of the largest exclusive business directories and networks in the world), always aims to be better...

“You know, it was interesting...while we instantly notified our members with their caller leads, we find that many didn’t call them right back, either because they were busy at the time or because it was late at night and they were asleep (wexler laughed). 

Since we capture the caller’s phone number and send it to them, it was not a huge problem; they could always call the consumers back when they were available; however, we wanted to ensure their clients got their information right away as it dramatically helps in securing the client. 

For this reason, we added an SMS/text back feature. This way, members can automatically send an SMS or text message to cell phone callers when they hang up with a link to a view or website to provide them information even if they are busy!”

When ending our interview with Jordan, we had to ask him... what’s next?

He responded by saying, “true technology is simplicity.” In terms of, this means not only allowing a small business owner to get their own toll-free number in 1-2 minutes, but automatically creating a LIVE ad based on their industry that is already set up and ready to use, including direct connects, notifications and even the consumer tips to generate client calls. 

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