How to Find and Install the Best Car Alarms

Car alarms are a familiar noise in our world.  It seems that one is going off every minute.  People automatically press the button to stop the racket without even looking out to see what may have set it off, so is it an effective deterrent to a potential vandal or car thief?  With a car stolen every twenty-four seconds in the United States, that is a good question. There are many models of alarms to choose from and with the de-sensitivity to the noises and the ability for some car thieves to bypass an alarm system choosing one that offers the most for your money is important. Looking at car alarm reviews provides information that you need to help with your decision.

Alarms can be purchased as an option when buying a new car and these often will come with features like a door-lock control and a trunk release integrated into the alarm system.  While this is a nice amenity to have as a part of your new car price package, the question is the car alarm installation cost from the dealer worth it or should you look for an independent car alarm installer?

Lets break down the price.  You can purchase the alarm unit itself for fifty to about two-hundred fifty dollars for a basic alarm system. To have the alarm installed you will pay an additional charge of fifty to two hundred dollars. If you buy a more advanced system with things like additional sensors and an ignition disabler, then your car alarm installation cost rises to three hundred to nearly nine hundred dollars for the unit and another two hundred fifty to four hundred and fifty dollars for professional installation.  Now, when you look at the price the alarm system is in your new car deal, you have an idea of whether the price is fair or really outrageous.

Car alarm reviews can be helpful because knowing the type of system, the cost, the performance and ease of use is also critical to getting something that you will use.  If the alarm has too many steps to set or it is going off all the time, then you may just opt to not use it at all so the cost to put it in is irrelevant at that point.  Checking out the model and the features that are offered for the money is a good idea before having a system installed.  Once you have chosen the system, then you can find an installer that can put your system in for you.  Some installers carry stock of several alarms, so you can purchase the alarm at the store that will also install it for you.  This can be a nice way for one-stop shopping, but make sure that you understand the prices and options that you want before you go so that there are not hidden costs or you arent talked into features that you dont wish to have.

Car alarms are a good way to help deter the theft of your vehicle.  With the distinctive sirens and flashing lights, there is no mistaking that entry into the car is not permitted.  Setting off car alarms mistakenly is common and we have become somewhat de-sensitized to the noise, but it still provides an obstacle for a potential thief to conquer and with the more sophisticated systems available, the thief has her work cut out. As with any purchase, doing some homework about the features and costs is advised before choosing your model of alarm.  That way when the siren sounds and the pager goes off, you'll pay attention.

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