How to Find and Buy the Best Car Accessories

Depending on your definition of car accessories, you could be talking about roof racks, floor mats, seat protectors and even garage goodies like a mat to protect your floor.  You can find these in car accessory stores, or a car accessories catalog, either in print or online.  Buying the best accessories for your car may depend on what it is that you want; your budget and the kind of car that you drive.  

Car accessories can also be items like GPS units, iPod and other adapters and radar detectors.  Bluetooth hands-free adapters and other gadgets can be things that you may want to purchase for your car. Buying car stereos and other amenities after you buy a new car can save quite a bit of money since the floor mats can even add up to five hundred dollars to the sticker price of the car. Those shiny custom grills also can be pricey from the dealer.

Some items can be ordered through a car accessories catalog that offers a wide variety of accessories.  These can be both print and online, but it may make sense to check out both options because often there are additional incentives for either using the print catalog or from ordering online.  Free shipping might be offered for ordering online.  The free shipping cost deals are a good way to buy more items or perhaps a heavier thing that would potentially cost a good deal more to have shipped to you ordinarily.  One catalog has been in business for many years and offers just about anything from high-end accessories to low-cost items and everything in between.  JC Whitney is a good place to check for your car accessory shopping needs even before you check out car accessory stores in your area because they may have a better variety for you to choose from or even something in that perfect purple that you love.   A drawback for using an online option with free shipping is that you may have to wait for it to get to your house.

What if you just want a padded steering wheel cover or a leatherette one?  That could be something that you can find in a retail store like Target or Auto Zone.  Department stores usually have a car section with the more popular items in it.  The departments may be small, so the variety of the accessories may be limited and the amount of stock of each item may also be small, so you could go to buy that seat cover with Scooby Doo and the shelf will be empty when you get there.  They may have only had one or two of that item.  This may not happen as often when you are ordering online, but it can.  The nice thing about ordering something online is that you usually will get an immediate message saying that the item is unavailable, whereas you need to call and ask an associate to go to the shelf to see if the accessory that you want is there. 

Car accessories can be fun to buy to add a bit of technology, style and even lights.  Looking for a Bluetooth adapter for your phone or an iPod connector then checking out stores that sell car accessories and looking online and in catalogs for more options can help you get the best price and also the color that you might really like.  Free shipping can also be a draw to an online or catalog order.  If you can wait for it to arrive at your house, then this may be a good option for you