How to Find and Hire the Best Appliance Salesperson

An appliance salesperson is the one to see when purchasing your new washer and dryer, or refrigerator or that fancy new range with the ceramic cook-top.  (S)he has the knowledge that will help you decide which brand or model might suit your needs the best.  Allowing a salesperson to show you the models and the features of the appliance can make you aware of the options that you really must have and those that are not that important to you.

In today's competitive marketplace, there are variations in brands from store to store and the prices are often close, too. Making a comparison when there are differences in the brands or features available can be hard and having someone who hopefully knows the differences to answer your questions can be invaluable.  In spite of the fact that there are fewer stores that specialize in appliance sales and service, like Kmart, who let all their appliance sales force in 2011; you can still find knowledgeable associates and there are still appliance sales jobs being advertised even on Craigslist. 

Doing your own research when deciding to buy a new appliance is a smart idea because there are times when saving money with the deepest discounts really does not yield the best deals in the long run.  Most people have a dishwasher for years before theirs finally breaks, so the purchase that you make, hopefully will at least be around for several years, if not as long as the one that you are replacing.  When your appliance breaks though, there is a sense of urgency because the job that it performs is not being done now.  You may be back to hand-washing dishes or going to the Laundromat to wash your clothes and those tasks are not as easy to accomplish in the busy world of today.

Ask yourself and the appliance salesperson, how the discounted appliances may compare to the more expensive brands with comparable features.  Sometimes, a salesperson may work on commission and/or have some incentives from a certain brand, so more attention and focus could be on that particular one.  However, there may not be much difference, other than the price, between brands.  So if that is the case, you should look for warranty information because it might be that the cheaper appliance does not carry the same sort of warranty.  The other consideration may be if there are appliance sales and service stores in your area that will fix a problem if you have one.  It may be the store that you purchased from or another.  What is the product replacement policy?

An appliance salesperson can give you information about the products that you are interested in buying and compare the features that you are looking for in your new appliance. Many times there are trainings that help the salesperson understand what the product lines offer to the consumer. Appliance sales jobs can work on commission or can be a straight salaried job.  If there is a commission or an incentive from one product-line over another, you may find yourself getting a great deal of help while browsing and also more attention placed on one brand in particular. 

Overall, appliances are usually a larger purchase and shouldn't be bought without doing some homework on the product and even the retail stores that are showcasing it.  Even a trip to browse can give you much needed information. If you own an older appliance perhaps doing some research prior to the clunking or clanking is a good idea.  That way you won't have to hurry your purchase while you are inconvenienced.

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