How to Find and Hire the Best Appliance Refinishing Services

Appliance Refinishing can save as much as fifty percent of the cost to replace one. Transforming something old into something new and shiny can make all the difference for your kitchen or bathroom that seems rather grungy and worn out.  Things like kitchen counters, cabinets and cupboards and bathtubs and surrounds might take a bit more than appliance paint to refresh, but it can be done.

If you have a bathtub, even the claw-foot style, that needs to be removed, put away the hard hat and sledge hammer and consider appliance refinishing resurfacing.  By resurfacing the pitted and worn out tub, you could be saving nearly eighty percent of the cost of removing and replacing the tub.  The cost is a good reason, but also the mess and the difficulty of removing a very heavy tub from your house.  It is so much cheaper than replacement because the costs associated with new pipes and fittings, floor repair, tile and/or wall repair and any permits that a contractor might have to get before redoing your bathroom, are not involved.  If you are doing an appliance refinishing, then you dont touch the existing plumbing or disrupt the floor and walls.

The appliance refinishing resurfacing also only takes a few hours from start to finish.  Doing an entire remodeling project can take weeks from the design phase to the rip out phase and then rebuilding with the new fixtures.  Bathtub refinishing can be a one piece overlay that covers the existing tub and most likely the surrounding area, too.  This effectively covers up the original fixtures, but if you want to keep the look of your bath, such as the claw-footed tubs, then a spray-on coating is probably the method that will work the best for you.  This way the design and character of the tub remains in tact, just the pitted and discolored surface will disappear.  You will have the same tub, but in mint condition again.

In addition to the full renovation of a bathroom, some other additions, like anti-skid surfacing and even chip repair products can be used to just give a bit of a lift to an older bathroom.  Inquire with the refinisher if you wish for this type of add on or touch up.

Once you have your new tub or kitchen cabinets installed, you should ask what types of cleaners can be used with the appliance paint or new surfacing that you have now.  This can be important to keeping your new tub or kitchen looking bright, clean and new for many years to come.  If you use a harsh abrasive or a brush that scratches the surface, then you have wasted your money on the new look.  Three cleaners that may be useful to investigate are Duroklean, Industrial Cleaner and Duroshine.  Duroklean helps to remove lime and hard water deposits, body oils and soap scum among other things from the surface in usually one application.  The Industrial Cleaner claims to deodorize and clean with the added bonus of de-scaling the surface safely.  The final one is Duroshine and this claims to remove stubborn marks and even scratches from all sorts of surfaces.  Each varies in cost, but it may make sense to ask for cleaning recommendations as there are more products that can be safe on refinished appliances and fixtures.

Appliance Refinishing is a cost-effective way to rejuvenate your bathtub, kitchen cabinets or other appliances. Choosing a reputable vendor and making certain that you understand what the project will entail are important to the success with the least amount of surprises and inconvenience for your family.</P>

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