How to Choose Composite Decking Secrets Revealed

Want to know how to choose composite decking? Here you will find the secrets revealed. To begin with, Composite decking is wood and plastic which is combined together to come up with composite decking. This is much cheaper than actual wood but gives quite a good impression of wood. The materials can be derived from virgin or recycled sources. It is also said that the composite decking is an environmentally sustainable alternative for wood. 

Most people are attracted towards this type of decking as it is, for the good part, weather and stain resistant; lightweight; does not require much maintenance and won’t rot or break down. 

There are, obviously, some shady brands out there that have fake composite decking whose decay will be much faster than wood. The following content will provide you to know better about composite decking so you can choose the best one. 

Secret 1: Hollow or Solid?

There are only two versions of composite decking; one is hollow and the other is solid composite decking. Solid decking has greater mass so it is likely to contract and expand more with changing temperatures. Hollow decking won’t do that as much, however, it does not have a really wood like feel to it as opposed to solid decking. Solid decking is more robust and won’t get damaged during installation as compared to the hollow composite decking. So you would do better to know your preferences while choosing between them. 

Secret 2: Preservative and anti-fungal chemical

You should ensure that the product you chose or are considering has been chemically-treated. Most wood tends to rot with time unless they have not been treated that way and are left exposed. The rotting process exacerbates with moisture no matter the amount of plastic combined in the decking. You should ask about the wood proportion in a composite decking and ensure that it has been chemically treated. 

Secret 3: Use Textured Composite Decking to Avoid Slips 

The composite decking, whichever the kind, will get wet, for instance, after water or wine spills over it. When it happens, the decking is likely to get slippery. Therefore, to counter that you need to choose a texture that will not exacerbate the smoothness and cause slips. It’s better to use rough texture for the decking when it is by the pool or when it is raining. 

Secret 4: Extras, Extras, Read All About Them

The installation of wood decking uses more or less the same tools that are used for composite decking. However, for composite decking, there might a need of certain add-ons such as end caps or reinforcement articles or other such extras. You should do all the research to know which add-ons you can install with the composite decking and how much each of them will cost. Composite decking might be cheap but it doesn’t have to look any bit less than the wood decking. You can ensure that by impeccably designing your decking and considering skirt pieces or special trim or railings and post to enhance the look of the decking area. 

Secret 5: The Look

Most people are after a striking resemblance to actual wood decking. There are some high end composites that have the wood like look to them and also feel the same to the touch. You can get composite decking with individual grain variations and wood shavings so you will be sure to have that raw wood-like look.  

You can also ask the installers to ensure that the boards are buffed at the manufacturing factory so that the boards don’t have a plastic look and feel to it. You will be able to choose from several colors and textures and patterns that you are sure to get any look and feel of the decking you want. 

By following the above basic points and having a clear head as regards your preferences and needs, you are sure to get the desired look from your chosen composite decking. 

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