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Looking for a great book to read? How about a 5-star book available on Amazon, Barns N Noble and countless other stores that answer some of the most puzzling questions ever asked by scientists? For instance,

  • Why are some people lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender?
  • Why are some kids born with extraordinary abilities?
  • Why are my two kids so different?
  • Why do some people have split personalities?
  • Why are some people more vulnerable to addiction?
  • Why do some people have extreme anxiety?
  • Why are some people deadly afraid of things for no apparent reason?
  • Why are we instantly attracted to some people, and not to others?

J. R. Wexler creates an exciting tale of seven teenagers from all over the world that, despite their economic, religious, and cultural differences, come together during a lunar eclipse in 2017 and not only become best friends, but also discover a way to change the world and bring peace to all.

This is a book enjoyed by the young and old. It's story is excited, but hidden messages captivating.

Currently in discussion of becoming a movie, the Book of 7 spans a full spectrum of religion, spirituality, personal growth, social change, relationships, and more, while unraveling questions of life and inspiring readers to make a change, both inside and out.

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