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How many search engine optimization companies have started within the last few years all with the same promise of high traffic and rankings on major search engines with little or no results? The only thing for sure is that you will get a hefty bill!

Then comes a shot from left field, a little known guy name Mark Barreres, from with a very bold statement, "Don't pay for our SEO services unless we create positive results that drive traffic to your site with listings on the first page of the search engines for your desired terms."

Now that statement alone wouldn't mean much, if it wasn't that his websites do rank high, and on very popular terms. He refuses to be caught up in pay-per-click advertising, which only makes people more dependent on others to grow their business - a very dangerous place to be. His techniques grow businesses organically with proper positioning of text, linking, and other strategies he discusses in his networking site.

But, he isn't stopping there; he is continuing to increase his momentum, having purchased

According to Mark, "For too many years, local website companies, national telemarketers and other listing companies have charged website owners for listing on websites with little no traffic by deceptive marketing practices. Many of these businesses were charging high prices for search engine traffic and positioning. Unfortunately, those using these companies did not receive the services promised."

Mark developed Grass Roots Business Strategies that have enabled clients to get high ranks on the major search engines. By discussing business strategies with clients and reviewing competitors and understanding the local and regional markets, he has been able to offer business analysis and unique selling strategies for businesses.

As he puts it, "We operate a variety of websites to help you increase traffic and networking opportunities for your business. I launched to support and promote a network of team players around the world. We are a creative marketing collective - a small but growing group of business owners web designers, promoters, copywriters and marketers united by a common commitment to help one another become successful both online and offline."

Mark's success comes from his belief that collaboration with other like-minded partners benefits everyone and that working together can increase productivity and cost savings for everyone's businesses.  Sound's like Mark is a very Smart Guy.

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