Free Downloads That Will Protect Your Computer Data And Network

If you do not have the resources to invest in high tech computer and network protection, there are many free downloads that fan help you to stay protected.  Novice webmasters are most vulnerable to hacker attacks because they do not have the resources yet to invest in fancy products to protect their computers, networks, and data.  Hackers are looking for easy targets, using techniques that can be easily detected and thwarted by even the most basic protection tools.  Research shows that most cyber-attacks happen to groups with less than 100 employees

Fortunately, defending yourself while remaining within your budget is astonishingly easy.  No computer security program works perfectly.  However, the free tools that are available can be coordinated to provide a comprehensive protection suite for your data, computer, and network. 

Network Defense - Most cyber threats come from the internet.  Free filtering software can effectively block dangerous and phishing sites from getting access to your system through the unknowing actions of unwitting employees.  Every day, employees put their company networks at risk of infection from malware and viruses.

To protect yourself, locate one of the free cloud-based filtering solutions to protect your computers, mobile devices, and network from phishing sites.  These internet security solutions almost always have affordable paid upgrades for when your resources begin to grow.  The paid versions of these cloud-based services offer increased protection by blocking porn and other dangerous web sites.  They are also customizable, so that you can choose specific websites or content that you want to exclude from your network.

Network Vulnerability Scanners - There are also free downloads that will allow you to scan your network for weaknesses in its protection.  Most of these are only effective for smaller networks of less than 25 computers, and they are quite adept at identifying where your network software is misconfigured and vulnerable. 

You need to scan your computers regularly as well.  Hackers frequently access customer databases by attacking company computers directly or through hacking sites that are used to infect visitors with malware.  The available free internet security tools identify vulnerabilities in applications and discovering malware and other threats from websites.  Sometimes there is a limit to the amount of free scans. Then the user is required to use the paid version, or search for another free tool.  If you find one that works, it is highly recommended that you stick with it and purchase the paid version as soon as you can afford to do so. 

Keep your computers secure - Firewalls and antivirus software are a must.  Basic fire wall protection is available for free, and is now an included feature on all computers.  Of course, they do not work unless they are turned on. 

Free antivirus programs must be downloaded.  Of these free tools, AVG is the most popular.  Microsoft also has a product that is designed for smaller networks of 10 computers or less.  There are also companies that are offering free security suites including antivirus protection and a firewall that monitors all traffic that is leaving your computer as l as what is coming in.  Dont forget to update these products and download the free fixes regularly to keep your protection up to date. 

Securing your data - You can make it impossible for intruders to read customer and company data on any of your devices with free disk encryption software.  All devices including thumb drives can be protected.  For highly sensitive information, you should always provide a specially encrypted area with its very own password.   There are many tools to help you accomplish this for free. You should also back up all data on your devices in case any of them are lost, stolen, or damaged with services that offer free off-site data storage. 

Free downloads of protection software can help you get started. However, as your organization grows, you need to consider the more comprehensive protection afforded by paid versions of that software.