Finding the Best China Repair

Making a china repair on a cherished heirloom can be nerve-racking because you want to make it look as good as new.  If the item is special or sentimental then the desire to put it back together can be greater in an effort to preserve the emotional connection with it. With a steady hand and the right glue or a china repair kit, you can fix some things yourself, but if you lack the confidence or the pieces are too small then, a china repair service might be a better choice.

If you opt to purchase a china repair kit then you can mix and match the paint colors to match your broken piece.  Some instructions and tips on how to hold the broken piece for the best results can be found online and in the instruction booklet of the kit.  One such tip is to place a broken plate or maybe a cup in a bowl of sand so that the broken piece is up.  The sand acts as a vice and holds the plate steady when you place the other piece back into place.  Sand shouldn't scratch or mark the china and the density keeps the object held tight. The different types of china and porcelain can require different types of glues and even types of paint.  Make sure that you match the type of repair kit with the type of china that your broken piece is made of so that the repair is seamless.  A good repair kit can be bought for twenty to fifty dollars and can give you good results and you can do it yourself. 

A china repair that needs to be done by a professional can vary greatly in cost.  An invisible repair can begin at as little as twenty-five dollars and any glass grinding can also be affordable at ten dollars to start.  Estimates to repair can be very different from one another.  A trick to finding the best china repair service is one that you believe can make your heirloom look new again.  Check the testimonials of the service, ask for an estimate, and even check online for any information that may make you think twice about working with that company.  Some services offer no charges evaluation and estimate while others charge for the service.  The services that have been in business for decades may be good ones to try because they have the experience and expertise of those years behind them.  Before contacting the services for estimates, check out any before and after photos of the restorations and repairs that have been done to get an idea of the quality of work that they do.  Since many repair services are not local to those who need them, some will offer a mail in evaluation service where you ship in your item, discuss the options and then, most likely have that company perform the restoration.

China repair can save a china or porcelain piece that has been broken or chipped.  Some services can provide a repair or restoration that will make that special plate or cup look brand new.  Repairing a crack can be an easy task for the companies that have been doing repair and restoration work for thirty years or so.  If you are concerned about sending your piece through the mail to be repaired or you fear that the repair will just cost too much, then there are do-it-yourself kits available.  The kits come with paints that can be mixed into many colors, glazes and glues that can be used to restore the piece back to its glory.

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