10 Tips on How to Hold Successful Garage Sales

Garage sales help both the seller and the buyer. The seller gets rid of old, unused items that had been cluttering his home, and the buyer gets to purchase useful items at a fraction of the market price. 

Turning household clutter into money is an art, and here you would find tips on how to get the best value for your goods. Sometimes, the buyer can even land great deals on lovely antiques or heirloom furniture that might not be available in retail outlets, or cost a bomb in auction houses.

Before you start selling, here are some things to take care of:

1. Permits: Well, laws are laws. You need to abide by them, even if you think that a yard sale in your back lawn is not a big deal. Check if there is a ban on yard sales in your area. And there may also be regulations that restrict the use of banners on public roads.
2. Promotion: Many garage sale enthusiasts believe that a sale is a neighborhood affair, thus word of mouth promo is enough. Not true. Today, with the internet, you can put up sale notifications online at little or no cost, and bring in more potential buyers. Putting up handmade posters drawn on used paper is also a good idea. If you are going to take the trouble of holding a trade, then go a bit further ahead and try to bring in more profits.
3. Crowd management: Living in a residential area means that you might risk annoying the neighbors if the crowd becomes too big. Ensure adequate parking place before the sale starts. See to it that people do not scatter about in the neighborhood, ruining the neat grass borders and hedges of your neighbors.
4. Opening time: When a sale is on, some people like to line up in advance so they can grab the nicest things. If you don’t like that, then mention in your ads that you would not start the business before the appointed time.
5. Keep the supplies ready. Packaging, receipts, pens, notepaper, small change etc.
6. Decide on the price of items before starting the sale.
7. As far as possible, make an effort to clean and repair certain items. Dust the old furniture and books, wipe the CD covers clean. It is easier for buyers to handle them if they are clean.
8. Bring out items that are in fashion in the current season.
9. Certain items are always in demand, so things such as airtight kitchen utensils, racks, pen holders, paperbacks, coins, and jewelry are some sure winners.

At The Sale, here are some items to keep in mind:

1. Keep pets and very small children out of the way. They can get hurt in the crowd and traffic, or might annoy people who turn up for the sale.
2. Organize the tables and items to be sold properly, so that people do not have to hunt all over for what they need.
3. If it rains, cover the goods with plastic sheets to avoid any damage from the rain.
4. Keep an eye on your cashbox, because unscrupulous people in the crowds can easily walk off with it.
5. Demonstrate the working condition of the electronic items by plugging them into a socket, or putting in batteries, if customers request you to.

These 14 measures can make your garage sale successful and give you the chance to turn your junk into cash.

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