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Looking to find the best streaming TV service in Raleigh, NC? Want to know where to go for EnvyTV in Raleigh in 2019? Perhaps you just want to learn how to save on cable in Raleigh?

After careful consideration, here is our selection.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best EnvyTV Streaming TV Service  in Raleigh, NC: 

Gary Marshall
Raleigh, NC 27615
(518) 745-5857  

EnvyTV offers well over 1,000 channels. Including live HDTV channels, paid channels you pay for, sports channels, kid’s channels, many countries, and lots more!  The monthly price for EnvyTV is very affordable.  Their Business Plan allows Customers to refer others and get paid. Just think you will get paid when you share what you like. It is unheard of for a major TV company to pay their Customers to refer Customers. 

Why is EnvyTV the best choice for streaming service?

EnvyTV has Thousands of Customers that love the low price. Here is a list of some features:   

- There are over 1000 channels to choose for Raleigh, NC
- Easy to set-up -Plug it in & Play
- No Contracts
- No other boxes to install so you don’t need Technical Support
- Credit Checks are not required
- Watch EnvyTV on 3 devices per household for only one monthly price
- You can cancel anytime
- $ 49.97 per mo.

How many channels are available?

Over 1,000 channels. And, they continually add and update more and more channels. They want the customer to have the best customer experience.  Although we say 1,000 channels, there are usually more channels available than are listed because of the constant updating of the available channels. 

What kind of channels are available?

EnvyTV offers hundreds of streaming channels, including Pay TV, Live Streaming networks; Fee paid Subscription channels such as SHOWTIME, HBO, STARZ, CINEMAX, etc.; lots of sports channels, like NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and many more worldwide channels.  

Are there any hidden fees for EnvyTV service?

No, None!  Just $ 49.97 per month.  Nothing hidden. 

What devices would I need if I use your streaming service?

You need a fast internet connection. (No DSL. It’s too slow). Many media devices like smartphones or tablets, but you need to be processing at a speed of 4G to work well. Your internet provider may cut the rate of speed, and if they do, you may get a decrease in quality.  If using Smart TV’s, PC’s or Mac’s, you need to operate at around 15 speed, but 35 is better.  So, ask for speed of 50-70 when you order.  You should get a great picture with these speeds, even during high-volume peak times. If you get some degradation, They have built-in features to help to view during high usage. This will give you a sharp picture.   

Will I still need my cable or android box?

You will not need either of these.  Our streaming TV service works like this; You get your TV signal to wither through your web portal or a FireStick or Fire TV Stick.  These are available from various vendors. The Firestick or Fire TV Stick is a onetime purchase. When you stream, you do not need to rent a cable box nor will you have monthly fees for a cable TV box. Once you program your EnvyTV, you can take the Firestick or Fire TV Stick whenever you go.  When you get to your destination, you connect to an HDMI port on a TV with internet access and watch your programmed shows.  

What kind of devices can I use?

You can use several with EnvyTV.  These include Smart TV, PC’s, Apple, Mac, laptops, tablets, Android or ISO Android smartphones and any other device with Android 6.0 +.

Can I still record my favorite shows?

Yes, you can record your favorite shows, but you may not need to.  After a show has been aired, you can find that show using your EnvyTV’s system to find that show on your Firestick or Fire TV Stick.  EnvyTV is a streaming service and not a DVR.  You do not need to record a show because, for the most part, it is probably already available on your EnvyTV service.   

Do I need to cancel my cable company contract?

You don’t need to cancel, but you may be able to remove the things you won’t need anymore. Most cable/satellite companies offer many packages so select one with just internet.  Your Firestick or Fire TV Stick, along with the EnvyTV service and the internet is all you will need to lower your satellite/cable service significantly. 

Will EnvyTV pay me? 

When you become a customer/member of EnvyTV, you will get the option to get paid when you refer others that become members and use the EnvyTV service. You will receive $10 for each paid membership.  Refer just five people that continue to remain a member, and you will receive $50 every month, which will pay for your membership — no limits on the number of referrals. After you get 5 referrals that become members, you start to earn residual income, month after month. Our next customer will always come from a referral.

Is there a catch with the small $49 fee?

No catches at all!  EnvyTV is a Referral business model keeping our overhead very small. Major TV Companies need installation crews and large business offices; we don’t.  Our advertisers are our customers, so we don’t need expensive advertising.  

I travel a lot. Can I take the box with me?

Yes, you can. You can use your EnvyTV service to watch your favorite programs when you travel. All you need to do is take your Firestick or Fire TV Stick with you and plug into a TV with fast internet speed.  All your favorite shows you programmed will be there. 

Can you tell me how the Business Opportunity works?

Sure can. There are six ways to earn a commission with EnvyTV.  When you join, and you are a paying member, and you refer someone, EnvyTV will pay you $10 Per Month for every new active member that activates a monthly subscription. As your business grows, you can become an affiliate and earn five more ways.  

More about Gary Marshall and EnvyTV in Raleigh, NC

Gary works to guarantee his EnvyTV customers save money as well as gain it all back. He provides his customers with all the information they need to understand how streaming works and their referral program as well. Gary helps them gain the knowledge they need to use their streaming service and to grow their referrals or to even become an affiliate and earn five different ways to make them successful. Gary takes pride in offering the best streaming service for both his customers and business partners.

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