Find the Best Steak Restaurant Near me How to Choose

Everyone asks themselves at one time or another, How do I find the Best Steak Restaurant near me?" The fact is people love steak because of its distinct flavour that entices the taste buds, leaving them craving for more. The first bite into the tender, hot meat delivers flavour, tenderness and juiciness in a combination equaled by no other meat.

It is not just a piece of meat but a chunk of beef, cut into perfect portions, seasoned and seared on a ripping hot grill or a cast iron pan, flooding your mouth with flavour and deliciousness. So how exactly is steak so delicious?

Fat has it's own flavor, as they say, and a well-cooked steak has plenty of it. That rich mouthfeel and strong flavor of the beef is a hard one not to love. Your sense of smell and salivation instantly gets activated on sighting a good steak when it  is placed in front of you. It usually smells really good.  As we eat we continue to sense all that aroma, creating a multidimensional sensory experience. As the meat begins to darken, the amino acids and carbohydrates in it create a wide range of chemical compounds that give it the deep, rich flavor and mahogany color. 

The grade of the steak reflects mainly the nature of the meat dependant upon both marbling and age. The second most important factor is the cut. The proper cut of steak can make or break your barbecue. Different cuts have different qualities.

The texture of a well-cooked steak in your mouth is the most relevant distinguishing feature.  The succulent chew and the tenderness, all combine into a mouthful unlike any other. to some people beef tastes  really good. This is because of the presence of glutamates, which our brain interprets as the "meaty" flavor associated with umami. 

The steak meat comes in many different cuts including Skirt, Ribeye, Top Sirloin, Porterhouse, New York strip, hanger and flank. 

  • The skirt is a boneless cut from the plate and flank. It is the cut of choice to make fajitas, ranchera, Chinese stir-fry and Cornish pasties. To minimize the toughness, they are often marinated before grilling, or pan seared very quickly 
  • Ribeye on the other hand, is a well-marbled steak cut from the rib. Ribeye has large pockets of fat interspersed between the meat. The middle section has a finer grain while the outer part is loose and fattier. Ribeye is super juicy, flavorful and beefy. 
  • Top sirloin is a piece from the loin near the hip and Porterhouse is actually two steaks in one. It's an ideal choice for cutting into cubes and skewering it with vegetables for grilling.  
  • Porterhouse is a T shaped bone with meat on either side. One piece is from tenderloin and the other from New York strip. This steak is the best in many respects – super tender, buttery tenderloin and beefy, juicy strip steak.  
  • New York strip is a boneless cut from the upper part of the short loin. It has medium fat content, and the meat is fine grained in texture, which can be pan seared, broiled or grilled. 
  • Hanger has a grainy texture, and intense flavour and flank marinates nicely into long thin slices and tastes delicious if cooked well. Hanger, even though lacks in tenderness, it compensates for it by its flavour. The best way to cook it is on high heat by grilling or broiling and served rare or medium rare to avoid toughness. 
  • Tenderloin, the boneless cut is the priciest of them all and is from short loin and sirloin.   The meat is lean and fine-grained in texture. The tenderloin steak is buttery and mild in flavour.