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Are you looking for the best scaffolding construction and rental company in Boston MA in 2019?

Scaffolding companies come with a wide variety of products and services. Asking the right questions to help you find the right company for your needs is important. So here at we put together some key questions and information to guide you through the process. Basic questions start with: Do you provide scaffolding for sale or rental? How long have you been in business in the area? Do you have a list of referrals that can be contacted? Are you insured? Is your equipment meet state and federal safety standards? Do you provide a variety of scaffolding products?

Upon review and consideration, here's our choice:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Scaffolding Construction and Rental Company in Boston MA is:

Lothrop Companies, Inc.
Boston MA USA, 02101
(781) 324-3021

What's the Right Scaffolding Product for My Project

Construction projects have been using scaffolding as far back as the 5th century when Egyptians and Chinese used them to construct tall buildings and structures. In today's world, scaffolding uses haven't changed much - they still provide a unique service in multiple applications from residential projects, to commercial buildings and projects to industrial applications. Scaffolding is mostly commonly used for temporary projects, here's how it is often used in these fields:


Scaffolding plays a major role in the work done in construction OSHA reports that 65% of construction work is done from scaffolding. Some of the most common uses are: support scaffolding. It is used to provide a platform to support workers and their equipment; suspension scaffolding, a special type of scaffolding that provides a suspended platform from above (like from the roof) where traditional scaffolding is impracticable; rolling scaffolding, which provides a mobile platform by attaching wheels to the base of the scaffolding structure. 

Repairs and Renovations

In many cases, the renovation or repair of an industrial plant, a historical building or landmark or a famous building requires the use of specializing scaffolding. This type of scaffold is often custom designed to meet unique challenges for working on and in these unique environments. 


Scaffolding is used widely in the event and entertainment industry. Concerts, live events, political events, seating all depend on scaffolding to provide structure. The modular design of scaffolds provides a highly flexible and adaptable design component to allow building a structure over, under and around almost any situation. 

Scaffold construction can be dangerous and should be only done by trained professionals that have experience in the setup and dismantling of a scaffolding project. It is important that strict safety guidelines be followed along with safe work practices for personnel that will be using the scaffolding structure. 

More about Lothrop Companies

Lothrop offers an extensive line of scaffold equipment for sale & rental. They also provide construction services for many scaffolding applications. All systems engineered and constructed by Lothrop meet state and federal safety standards and customer specifications. Here are a few of Lothrop’s scaffold & work access service offerings:

-Rental and Sales:
-Quick Erect Scaffolding (QES)
-Frame & Brace Scaffolds
-Conventional Scaffolds
-Tube & Clamp Scaffolds
-System Scaffolds
-Sidewalk Protection Scaffolds
-Areas of Application:
-Industrial & Commercial Building Walls
-Tanks & Other Round Vessels
-Boiler & Other Vessel Interiors
-Free Standing Towers
-Rolling Towers
-Shoring Supports
-Hanging Systems
-Custom Projects:
-Demolition Support (Shoring)
-Construction Support (Shoring)
-Work Access
-Overhead Protection
-Pedestrian Safety
-Temporary Walking Platforms
-Temporary Bridges & Walkways

Lothrop is New England's go-to provider of scaffolding construction sales and rentals. Lead by highly knowledgeable and skilled teams they serve the greater New England industry with a variety of scaffolding equipment. You will find they can meet needs for industrial, commercial, maritime and residential applications. They also provide 24-Hour emergency service to respond quickly to meet the needs of their customers when unforeseen machine and equipment breakdowns occur. Contact the Lothrop Consultants today!

Best Scaffolding Construction and Rental Company in Boston