Insider Secrets to Buying a Used Car

Looking fro Insider Secrets to Buying a Used Car? Buying a car can be a tricky business. The fact that you are looking for a used car makes it very clear up front that you do not have money to throw around. Who does anyway? Therefore, you want to make the best of the money you have and be sure to get the best deal.

Here are a few secrets that will help keep you from getting fleeced. First and foremost – expect to get fleeced. After all, you may be buying your first or second car while the salesman may be selling his hundredth. Sheer experience is on his side and if you are not sharp, you could end up with a nice looking lemon. Knowing that you are at a disadvantage will help you prepare better.

Use the on-line availability of data to get as prepared as you possibly can. If it seems like too much work, think of what you could do with a thousand dollars that’d be saved by just two hours of on-line research. It’s like earning $500 an hour for your time! Check out the dealerships that are nearby, check their inventories and once you have made up your mind on the model, see what they are selling it for. You can also check online at car sites, such as

Learn To Say NO

When you start visiting dealers, make your first few visits with the clear knowledge that you are NOT going to buy or commit on that visit. This helps you get better acquainted with the area, the sales talk and the hype and ensures that your head is clearer when you do go on to buy. Carry web page prints with you and be very specific about the model that you want. Every salesman will urge you to choose a model that is available with him or one that is likely to fetch a better commission. If you have chosen a model for a particular reason, stay firm.

Whose Money Is It Anyway?

If you are trading in your old car, remember that these two transactions are separate. The dealer may try to combine the two and thereby try to make the transaction appear better than it is. For example, if you are keen to get rid of your old car, first negotiate for the car you are going to buy and once the cost is settled to your satisfaction, bring up the subject of the trade in. If you think that you are getting a pittance for your old car, simply refuse to close the deal and walk away. In nine cases out of ten, you will be called back.

While glib sales talk can prove confusing, you can ensure that you get a good deal if you just remember that it is you who will pay the money and therefore it is you who should have the last word. Cash is the king in this world. Do not get hustled into any agreement that you do not like. There are millions of cars out there to choose from. With the right research, you can get one that’s right for you, and at the right price.

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