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Are you looking to find the Best Painting Contractor in Fruitland Park, FL? Want to know where to find a great interior painter in Fruitland Park near me?  Perhaps you need an exterior painter in Fruitland Park or the surrounding areas?Can you begin to guess the number of painting contractors in Fruitland Park? There are many talented painters and we set out to help you find the best on to meet your needs. We wanted to know their experience? We look to see how flexible they are. After careful consideration, here is our choice.

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Finding the Best Painting Contractor. 

Finding the best painting contractor can be a real challenge, but after reading our article, you will see why we pick the right painter for a painting project and feel comfortable with the selection. 

One of the best ways to find a quality painter is to ask someone you trust that has had painting done recently.  Ask your family, friends, and neighbors what their experience has been. Online reviews may help, but they could also be misleading. Things to know before choosing a painter.

Get Multiple Estimates. 

Get at least three estimates for your painting project for comparisons. They should all be close in price, if not get a few more estimates. Don’t choose a painting contractor simply because they are the lowest estimate. Some unethical contractors will come in with a low bid to get your business, then during the project will add this or that. Be sure to get a written estimate. Many contractors today may ask if they can give you a quick cell phone text on your phone as the estimate. You need a written estimate, which should be a hard-copy or an email.    The estimate should include a breakdown of labor, material costs, the number of coats of primer and paint, the brand and model of materials, and a detailed description of the work areas.

Get to know them.

When they come to your home, get to know them.  Write down some questions to ask about their business, about their team, even about themselves.  If you feel you can get to know, like, and trust them, mark them down as a potential. Do this with all your estimates. 

Ask for references. 

A painter that you can get to know, like & trust will have many references!  If they offer family and friends as a reference, you may call them but don’t make your decision on just those. They can have friends or family members say the painter is terrific, but most professional painters will have a list of previous home projects. Get as many references as you feel comfortable. References are steps in selecting the Best Painter. 

Discuss everything.

Whomever you hire, be sure to ask all the questions you had written down. Discuss the whole painting project and what it entails.  You and your contractor should be on the same page as far as what is required and what you expect. Getting your home, a fresh coat of paint either inside or outside should be an exciting process.  Do it right by doing your homework ahead of time. It will be worth it!

Ask for credentials.

Be sure to ask the painting contractor for their credentials and licenses they have.  Just because they may be a member of a local trade or local business group, isn’t a guarantee of quality work. 

Obtain a complete contract. 

The estimate is not a contract. The contract should include the contractor’s information: name, address, office and cell numbers, and license number, plus the details of the estimate. The contract should include all aspects of the job. Ask for a copy of the painter’s liability and workers’ compensation insurance certificates. If they don’t have coverage, you could be liable for any unforeseen accident on the job. 

What is the guarantee. 

Ask the painter for their guarantee. It should cover a period like one or two years and include chipping, peeling, blistering, flaking, or excessive fading or chalking that occurs within their guarantee time. And it should be at little or no cost. 

Down Payment. 

Some companies may ask for a down payment and some will not.  Smaller companies may need the down payment to buy material. If they do ask, don’t make a large down payment. Give them enough to buy the material they need, say 10 to 15 percent, until you are fully satisfied with the job, then pay what you owe.

Pay it Forward.

After your project turns out precisely the way you wanted it to, it is now time to Pay It Forward.  Post online reviews of your experience. Tell the Painting contractor that you would agree to be on their reference list for their prospects who will also need help choosing a painting contractor for their project. An excellent place to post a review is