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Are you looking for the Best Landscaping Contractor in Omaha, NE? Searching for professionals who are knowledgeable designers and landscape service providers can be challenging in the Omaha community. Who can you trust to design and build your outdoor living space?

Please consider the following contracting company we think will more than satisfy your landscaping needs:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Landscaping Contractor in Omaha, Nebraska is:

Omaha Landscaping Company
Jason Plog
105 S 9th St Ste 416
Omaha NE USA, 68102
(402) 740-6303

The Best Landscaping Contractor offers even more than just lawn care. Its professional designers and technicians will transport your front to have curb appeal, and backyard into a place to have frequent Staycations (Stay-at-home Vacations). 

Its designers will ask the right questions to determine your personality and your vision. They will introduce you to outdoor designs and how your space can be utilized to its best feature this design in your backyard. They will also ask you about the time you may want to spend on maintaining your landscape (more than lawn care). 

The three major services offered by the Best Landscaping Contractor in Omaha:


The best landscape designers and installation crews are trained and extensive experience in creating backyard getaways that allows you to take frequent Staycations (Stay-at-home Vacations). 

These elaborate designs include:

  • water features
  • outdoor rooms
  • pools
  • koi ponds
  • patios 

The best landscape designers focus on you. The questions asked will help them design the best landscape that meets your character and vision. 

              • What do you like?
              • How do you use your yard? 
              • What would you like to use your yard for?
              • What kind of entertainment are you envisioning? 
              • How much time do you want to maintain your landscape? 
              • Would you prefer to have a professional care package?


              The best landscaper provides horticultural expertise and a high level of service. It's time to enjoy a lush, beautiful landscape. When you sign up with a maintenance program, the best landscaper provides regularly-scheduled maintenance visits. 

              The maintenance program can include:

              • tree care
              • landscape bed maintenance
              • monitor your irrigation system
              • design and install seasonal color displays

              The best professional landscaper can handle everything so that you don't have to. They are trusted vendors to arrange and oversee routine outdoor tasks such as:

              • lawn mowing and trimming
              • concrete work
              • pest control
              • window cleaning
              • painting 
              • other home maintenance 
              • construction projects.


              Retaining walls, patios, pathways, statues, and other hard architectural material are known as "hardscape" materials. A professional landscaper knows the importance to ensure your natural stone retaining walls and seat walls, flagstone paths, paver or flagstone walkways and patios are well maintained year-round. They also know the importance to ensure pergolas, gazebos, and outdoor kitchens and bars. All of the equipment and structures are of the best qualities to withstand all types of inclement weather especially the freezing and thawing cycle.

              More About Omaha Landscaping Company

              Since 2013, Omaha Landscaping Company has provided transformational landscaping services to the community of Omaha. Its landscaping specialists are creative and professionally trained to offer quality landscape design, maintenance services, and hardscaping.

              Omaha Landscaping, our selection as the Best Landscaping Contractor in Omaha offers all of the above services and more. It is really important to recognize quality professionals who put your best interest first. It offers down to earth and personable approach to landscaping.

              Isn’t it time to create the backyard of your dreams? For more information, contact Jason Plog.

              Best Landscaping Contractor in Omaha