Find the Best Greek Restaurant Near me How to Choose

So you have asked yourself, how to find the best restaurant near me. I mean, How can you choose? Just as the Mediterranean Diet has been gaining proponents, so has the Greek cuisine become more and more popular around the world. If you have yet to try it, we’d advise that you do so now! With so many restaurants opening up in every city, you are bound to find a place that serves magical Greek cuisine.

Although, the experience won’t be as amazing if you aren’t at an authentic Greek restaurant. Does that mean you’ll have to wait until you are in Greece to sample its cuisine? Not at all! Just pick a restaurant that knows what its serving and you will do fine.

The following tips can help:

The Food

Just like the cuisine itself, the restaurant serving Greek cuisine should offer a great variety. That’s because the Greek agricultural production is highly diverse. In some parts of the country you’d find crops well-suited to the hotter local climate while other areas would be colder. Since the Greeks have always encouraged local produce, there is also a great diversity in the ingredients and recipes their chefs have developed. 

An authentic Greek restaurant would serve at least a sample that represents the actual cuisine. That includes charcoal-grilled meat or souvlaki that you can sink your teeth into. Besides succulent red meat, you can also expect seafood in the form of grilled prawns. Remember that the Greeks are about preserving the true flavor of the food. So, everything from the selection of cold mezédes like taramosaláta and tzatzíki to mezes would be seasoned simply.

The Staff

Any good restaurant, whether one that serves Greek food or not, can easily be distinguished from ones that are subpar. Such a place won’t just pay attention to the kind of food they will be serving. Other factors, such as the wait staff and the ambiance, will also be considered important. Thus, you can depend that the best Greek restaurant will hire the best people to wait tables and serve food to their customers. 

Qualities of good waiters include knowing as much as they can about the restaurant and its operations. Thus, they will have a profound knowledge about the menu. If it is your first time trying Greek cuisine, a good waiter would be able to help you out. They’d know exactly the right dishes to recommend to you. 

Besides that, great servers will also freely interact with the guests and do their best to create a positive customer experience.

The Meraki

If there is one Greek word that doesn’t have any substitute, at least in English, it is the word meraki. Meraki means doing something in a passionate way. It also refers to having the right skillset and delight for the job one does. It can be glimpsed clearly if you watch a Greek wine marker tend to their crops. Or, by watching a Greek shepherd milking one of their flock. So, if you are at a true Greek restaurant, you will feel the meraki in every morsel you eat!

Are you ready to try out one of the best cuisines there is? Then head over to the best Greek restaurant in your area!