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Are you looking to find the Best DUI Attorneys in Orlando Florida in 2019? Want to know where are the Top DUI Lawyers Near Me? While several law firms specialize in handling DUI cases, you want to ensure you select the best one near you. DUI attorneys have unique personalities to go along with their expertise and experience. Compassion and understanding go a long way when your attorney stand in front of the court representing you. For this reason, we have set out to help you in choosing the best one to meet your needs. What are their specialty and experience? How flexible are they and much more? After careful consideration, here is our choice.

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In recent years, there were over 1.28 million drivers in the United States arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs. The overall rate of U. S. citizens arrested for this crime is 1 out of 65 licensed drivers across the country. While being arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) can be a terrifying and stressful event one can experience, it is vital that full responsibility of the action is taken and start to prepare for the next steps immediately. Gathering all the information available is a good starting point so that you can be informed as you possibly can. The next step would be going through the process of hiring a well informed and experienced DUI attorney to alleviate some of the pressures that are mounting up. 

By hiring the right DUI attorney, he/she will give you the best advice determining whether the best solution is to plead guilty if your case is complicated or pursue the case. Here are some tips regarding what you need to consider when determining to hire a DUI attorney to represent you in your case.

Making a List of Potential Attorneys

This step is critical because you do not want to settle with the very first attorney who may accept your case. Although your time may be limited in a sense, you want to make sure you have a list of at least five names of attorneys you can contact personally and speak to before making a final decision. There are quite a few resource outlets you can refer to when choosing the right DUI attorney such as National Associations as well as State Bar Associations. Since this decision will more than likely be the most important one in your life, here are a few suggestions to help you along.

  • Personal Recommendations - The best place to start your research is, contacting family members, friends, or colleagues who may have been in a similar predicament and could refer you to the attorney that represented them. This like taking a cut through the chase approach because that person has already built a relationship with the attorney who will make the transition much smoother. They will be able to fill you in on what the attorney expects from you, what the results were, and how much it will cost for his/her services. Based on that information, you can decide what you will do next.
  • An Attorney You Have Used Previously - If you have ever used the services of an attorney in the past, feel free to contact them and ask if they can recommend a DUI attorney to you to possibly handle your case. The DUI attorney could end up being a former law school classmate, a personal friend of theirs, or an attorney they do not know personally but are aware of their reputation.
  • The National College of DUI Defense - The National College of DUI Defense is an organization with a searchable directory database of attorneys who specifically specialize in criminal DUI offenses. Here you can narrow down your search term to city, state, and zip code.
  • The State Bar Association - The State Bar Association is a directory of attorneys that practice and specialize in various areas of law within the state where you live. You can narrow your search to your city or neighboring cities when searching for a DUI attorney. This directory is very similar to the National College of DUI Defense except being a state directory rather than a national one.

Hiring a DUI Attorney

When you are finally ready to hire a DUI attorney to represent in your court proceedings, you will need to be sure they meet the qualifications that you expect when your case goes to trial.

  • Make Sure They are Licensed - Before you commit to the attorney of your choice, do your due diligence and make sure he/she has the proper license not only practice DUI criminal law but any law. Take time to research their name on the State Bar Association’s website to be sure they are licensed to practice in your state. Remember, only licensed attorneys can practice law within your state so make sure your attorney meets those qualifications.
  • Benefits of Hiring a Local Attorney - There are huge benefits that you will get by hiring a local DUI attorney to represent you. First, they will be more likely to have a good sense of familiarity with the court system, judges, and the prosecutors at your court hearing. A local DUI attorney will work to your advantage if the judge knows of their reputation and respects their professionalism in the courtroom. What the outcome could be is, a sentence that is less harsh that it could be or a complete dismissal of your case.
  • Hire an Attorney with DUI Experience - It is crucial that the attorney you have chosen to be your legal counsel has an extensive amount of experience in the area of DUI criminal law. While there are times where criminal defense attorneys will handle many criminal law affairs, it would be in your best interest to hire an attorney whose primary focus is only on DUI cases. This way you will be assured that he/she has a more significant amount of knowledge regarding DUI laws which will serve you better in the end.

Preparing for Your First Consultation

When preparing to meet with your attorney for your first consultation, you need to have everything he/she will need to begin mapping out your defense strategy. Here is a short list of all the essential information and relevant materials your attorney will expect you to present at your consultation.

Be Completely Upfront and Honest About Your Case

You must be straight forward and truthful about all the facts involved in your case. Your attorney will need to know every aspect of all the information regarding your case to give you the best advice possible. Do not try and think for your attorney; let them decide which parts of any information you provide is essential or relevant or not. The last thing you want to do is, catch your attorney off guard with any facts that could jeopardize your case right before going to trial.

Bring All Related Documentation with You

When you meet with your attorney at the first consultation appointment, make sure you also bring all the related information regarding your case. They will want to see the precise violations that you violated under the code of law. Do not assume that your attorney will have all the information regarding your case because not all cases are the same. You will have to provide the police report, DMV records, and any other information associated with the DUI charge for the attorney to assess thoroughly.

Clear Strategy

It is vital that you and your attorney are on the same page from the strategic vantage point when your case goes to trial. Your attorney should have explained everything in complete detail as to how he/she will proceed moving forward, and it is your responsibility to make sure you understand it. If you have any doubts or concerns, ask the attorney to go over them again until you get it.


Your attorney should have a high level of confidence that he/she will do their absolute best to represent you when your case goes to trial. How they present themselves will determine if you have made the proper decision by hiring this attorney. If the attorney seems to be contradictory or provide you with unclear answers to your questions, may not have the level of experience as they claim.

Level of Trust

A level of trust more than likely will not be established on the initial meeting with your attorney. Trust is a process and will develop over time as you both work on the strategy for your case. In the meantime, what you can do on your own is, look for online reviews from former clients who have used their services before. However, this is not the make or break the option of hiring an attorney by using online review websites to gather information. Sometimes the reviews posted on these websites are by people who were not satisfied with the outcome of their case based on the court’s decision. Not by the representation provided by the attorney which may have been exceptional. We selected The Defense Group because of all of the multiple factors listed above. 

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