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Find the Best Business Strategist in Augusta GA Who is Top near me


Are you looking to find the Best Business Strategist in Augusta GA?  Want to know who is the Top Business Strategist near me? What exactly is a business strategist? What expertise and experience do they bring to the table? Do they understand your business and your vision for growing a business? We set out to answer those questions, and we’ve selected this business for the Augusta community.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Business Strategist in Augusta GA is:

Local Business Partnership
LoraLee Harmon

Augusta GA USA, 32505

Know what a business strategist is? It is a very complex position.  You see, while company leaders think of new ideas and visions to grow and become more and more successful. Business strategists must take those ideas, create viable real plans, execute them strategically and ultimately turn them into reality. In other words, it is the responsibility of a business strategist to choose the best course of action to achieve the desired business goals.

  • For this reason, top business strategists are typically:
  • Positive and Confident - able to work under stressful conditions responsible for giving life to a single thought
  • Competitive - competitively considers every aspect before making a decision.
  • Reasonable - acknowledging the challenges that may lie ahead and able to proposes a viable plan proposing something unreasonable or unrealistic.
  • Critical Thinker - able to critically and determine the best course of action
  • Virtuous -must  adhere to moral and approved practices in order to execute a plan without facing any restrictions from anyone. 
  • Great Communication Skills - able to communicating his or her ideas in a clear and concise manner.
  • Leader - must trains and manages a team of skilled employees.

LoraLee is a published author of “How to Grow Your Small Business” which is available on Amazon. She takes a step-by-step approach to show you how simple techniques can help you on a shoestring budget. Her methodology involves building a business community that promotes each other’s business with competing in the marketplace. Her expertise as a marketing and customer relations professional has given LoraLee the extensive background needed to share her marketing and customer service strategies. She is a compassionate speaker, works well with local businesses sharing her insights.

LoraLee is currently the Exclusive City Leader for Augusta GA.

You can contact her for the following speaking topic:

  • The Secret to Developing Partnerships 
  • How to Enhance Your Customers Experience
  • How to be a Leading Expert in Your Field
  • Are You Ever Tongue-Tied- When Asking for a Referral/Testimonial?
  • Discover the Fortune That Lies Hidden in Your Business
  • Growing Your Business with Referrals
  • Growing Your Business with Joint Ventures
  • Growing Your Business with Savvy Marketing
  • How to Create Adoring Referring Fans out of Your Customers.

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