Find Out how to Watch Free Sports MLB NFL NBA NHL UFC on Streaming LIVE TV

Want to know how to watch free Sports MLB NFL NBA NHL UFC on Streaming LIVE TV? Looking to cut the cost of expensive cable and still get tons of free channels? There is a way using a streaming live TV service called envyTV. 

While you might be thinking, wait...isn’t there a monthly fee for that? Yes, less than $50 a month, but you can actually bring that down to zero by referring others. In fact, there is a way to not only get all these sports channels for free, but also the 1,000 other movie channels that are included as well! 

Want to speak with someone LIVE right now about how to watch live UFC Pay Per View for FREE? Want to get all the details? You could be watching in as little as 5 minutes! Simply click the closest city link to the right (if browsing right now on a phone, simply scroll down!)     

What sports channels can you get?   
How about:

  • 18 different HD Baseball channels
  • 16 Gamepass channels
  • 14 NBA Channels
  • 14 NFL Channels

Want more? How about tons of:

  • Canadian HD Channels
  • USA HD Channels
  • United Kingdom HD Channels
  • Latino HD Channels
  • Spanish HD Channels
  • Caribbean Channels
  • Brazil Channels
  • Portugal Channels
  • French Channels
  • Other Countries Channels

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy watching sports? But to get all these channels might costs you thousands a month! Cut the cord and discover the world of streaming live TV! This is the Cable TV alternative for sports and movie enthusiasts.

Why Choose envyTV? 

  • Thousands of people enjoy its service, especially for the price. Some of the highlights are:
  • More than 1000 channels to choose from for only $49.97 per month
  • Enjoy up to 3 devices per household with simple Plug & Play Technology
  • No long term contracts - month to month service
  • How about No activation fees, No cancellation fees and No credit check
  • Professional Support

How Many domestic and International Sports and other Channels are available?

While there are already over 1,000 MLB NFL NBA NHL UFC movie and other channels, envyTV is constantly adding more and more channels to provide their customers the best customer experience. While they do their best to keep the main website listing all the channels they offer, often there are more than are listed there, which is always a nice surprise.

What Programming and TV channels does the service provide?

Envy TV currently provides hundreds of streaming media channels including: Pay-Per-View Live Events, Live Channels; Premium Channels such as HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ, etc; Sports Channels such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, International Channels, and many, many, more

Are there any hidden costs to this online streaming service?

No there are not. There are no hidden costs. EnvyTV simply charges a monthly fee of $49.97  all inclusive fee.

Besides the monthly service, do I need anything else to use this streaming sports and movie service?

Yes, you do need fast Internet as dsl is very often too slow. The speed received by most portable devices like smartphones or tablets is normally fast enough as long as you are receiving 4g speed. 

Do I still need a cable box or android box to use this streaming service?

NO! You may choose to receive their signal either thru their web portal or via a FireTVStick. In case you didn’t know, you can buy a Firestick or Fire TV one time from most electronic stores, such as at Amazon, Best Buy or even in vending machines, such as at airports. 

How can I get MLB NFL NBA NHL UFC and other movies in this service for free?

Simply by referring others. When you refer family, friends or anyone else to envyTV; you can receive a referral bonus of $10 PER month for every paid membership, for as long as they are a paid member. So, when referring 5 people who become paid members, your bonus is $50. This can help offset the cost of your envyTV membership. You may also refer as many viewers as you like, earning extra $$ that can pay for your internet or anything else you need some extra cash for.

Is my service portable?

Yes. You may watch your favorite programs anywhere in the World that provides you with good internet by either logging into the web portal or your FireTVStick.

Is there a business opportunity with this program?

Yes. You can learn more about this as well as details on the service by clicking on any of the cities listed at the right of this page. This will take you to a local representative that can help answer any questions you have.

So, if you want to find out how to watch free sports like free MLB, free NFL, free NBA, free NHL or even how to watch free UFC and pay per view, start Streaming LIVE envyTV. 

How to Watch live UFC Pay Per View For Free
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