Find Out how to Watch Free Cable HBO STARZ FOX SPORTS HBO ESPN Local Channels

Who wouldn’t want to know how to watch free cable channels like HBO STARZ FOX SPORTS HBO ESPN as well as over a thousand other channels (including local channels) for free? Think about all the shows they air: 

HBO  - Game of Thrones, Veep, Big Little Lies, True Detective, Westworld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Barry, Silicon Valley, O.G., Chernobyl and so many more!

STARZ - American Gods, Outlander, Power, Counterpart, Now Apocalypse, The Girlfriend Experience   

As well as TONS of Fox Sports, espn, 18 different HD Baseball channels, 16 Gamepass channels, 14 NBA Channels, 14 NFL Channels...nop kidding!

Want to speak with someone LIVE right now about how to watch live UFC Pay Per View for FREE? Want to get all the details? You could be watching in as little as 5 minutes! Simply click the closest city link to the right, or if on a phone, simply scroll down!     

While you might be thinking there's a monthly fee for that, right? Yes an no. You see, while there is a nominal monthly fee of under $50 a month (all inclusive), you can actually bring that down to zero by referring others.

Have an international friend you might want to refer?
No problem since there are also 

  • Canadian HD Channels
  • USA HD Channels
  • United Kingdom HD Channels
  • Latino HD Channels
  • Spanish HD Channels
  • Caribbean Channels
  • Brazil Channels
  • Portugal Channels
  • French Channels
  • Other Countries Channels

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy watching HBO, STARZ, FOX SPORTS, HBO, ESPN as well as about 1000 other channels, but no one wants to pay thousands of dollars a month right? You can now cut the cord and discover the world of streaming live TV! This is the Cable TV alternative for sports and movie enthusiasts.

Why Choose envyTV?  Here are 5 reasons...

  • More than 1000 channels to choose from for only $49.97 per month
  • Enjoy up to 3 devices per household with simple Plug & Play Technology
  • No long term contracts - month to month service
  • How about No activation fees, No cancellation fees and No credit check
  • Professional Support

How Many domestic and International Sports and other Channels are available?

While there are already over 1,000 channels, like HBO, STARZ, FOX, HBO, ESPN and more, envyTV is constantly working to add more. By the way, there are no hidden costs. Have you checked your satellite or cable bill lately?

What else is needed to use this streaming sports and movie service?

Just fast Internet - dsl is usually too slow. The speed received by most portable devices like smartphones or tablets is typically fast enough, as long as you are receiving 4g speed. 

Do I still need a cable box or android box to use this streaming service?

No you do not. You may choose to receive their signal either thru their web portal or via a FireTVStick, which you can get at most electronic stores, such as at Amazon, Best Buy or even in vending machines, such as at airports. 

How can I get  HBO STARZ FOX SPORTS HBO ESPN and Local Channels in this service for free?

Simply by referring others. Think about it, who wouldn’t want to cut the cord and get all of these channels for less than $50 a month? When you refer family, friends or anyone else to envyTV; you can receive a referral bonus of $10 PER month for every paid membership, for as long as they are a paid member. So, when referring 5 people who become paid members, your bonus is $50. This can help offset the cost of your envyTV membership. You may also refer as many viewers as you like, earning extra $$ that can pay for your internet or anything else you need some extra cash for.

By the way, the service is even portable! You may watch your favorite programs anywhere in the World that provides you with good internet by either logging into the web portal or your FireTVStick.

So if you want to find out how to watch free cable, including getting free HBO, free  STARZ, free  FOX SPORTS, free ESPN amd free Local Channels, click on the city in this article to speak LIVE to a local representative. 


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