Cricket Wireless cell phone plans and how do they compare

People often hear about various cellular phone services, but which is best? A popular discussion is the Cricket wireless cell phone plans and how do they compare. The fact is we all stick to budgets of some sort and strive to bring out the best from them. We spend on various necessities and cellphone plans is one of them – yes! You read that right. Cellphone plans has become a necessity in the contemporary world. 

Let us tell you that you are lucky enough to be born in this time and thus are able to avail the cricket wireless cellphone plans which are highly affordable and provide superior quality services. This network covers more than 99% of the Americans based on their locations. 

All the plans provided by cricket are worthy, but any customer may make comparisons in the plans based on the following criterion: 

Perks of unlimited plans for families: 

The unlimited plans help you save up to $150. The money you save depend on the number of lines that you have on account. The speed, the video streaming quality and other features. What distinguishes this package is the amount of money saved and the services received. This package starts from $55 and the most expensive package under this bundle is for $125 a month. 

Cricket 5 GB Plan for Families:

The 5GB plan starts from a cheaper rate of $40 as compared to the unlimited plans and go as high as $130. However the amount of money saved a month span from $0 to $70. This package has one drawback, once all of the allotted data is used, the speed of the internet is slowed down to 128 Kbps. 

Cricket's Group save Plans:

This serves as an extension to our 5GB plans. The savings on these packages are available only for the number of lines ranging from 2 to 5.

All the unlimited plans have a data restriction of 22 GB. The data speed may become slow and congested once the limits are reached.

Among all the packages, be wary of…

You need to be cautious about one thing. Whenever you opt for a package, perform a brief value judgment in regards with it. Note that, the customers’ perceived value differs from one and other for the same package and this shall effect the customers’ feedbacks if they make decisions solely based on other peoples’ experiences. What is the UMOT for one person becomes the ZMOT for another person and this should be thoroughly taken in to account when any buying decision is made. 

All the data bundles chosen have a few things in common. They all offer certain number of free calling minutes, texts, pictures, videos and data access. Each of the lines have separate allotment of data, and using up the data from one line would not affect the data usage and availability for other lines. You can select the package which suits your needs the best and enjoy! 

Also, did we tell you that the unlimited plan gives you unlimited text options to international numbers? There is a list of 37 countries covered under this offer, so that is a perk which you receive under the unlimited package. 

Cricket is a versatile network service provider and the customers who opt for their data deals can also become eligible to buy smartphones on discounted prices. 

Crocket is a customer centric organization and aims to maximize customers’ satisfaction. With combined cost effectiveness and value – cricket wireless gives you the best that the market can offer. 

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