Basement renovation ideas dealing with the low ceiling

Looking for some basement renovation ideas and dealing with a low ceiling? Don’t worry. This is a common issue, to which several solutions are present. Many basements are designed with a lower ceiling, making it tricky to create a comfortable living room out of it. 

Work on the flooring 

Many basement floors comprise a sub-flooring, even when it doesn’t serve an important purpose. With a level concrete subfloor to maximize the ceiling height, several types of flooring can be installed such as:

  • Engineering wood – this type of wooden floor is known to save space by being installed over a closed cell underlayment or poly barrier. It gives an upscale finish as well. 
  • Painted concrete – if you have managed to keep your concrete sub-flooring in a decent condition, applying a few coats of weather resistant, durable paint, especially for high traffic areas can go a long way. You can decorate the place with area rugs over the concrete for warmth.
  • Ceramic tiles – a creative, long-lasting tiling job can be easily done over a level concrete subfloor. These tiles can directly be laid into the concrete and mortared in place.

You can also dig out the floor to physically build more height. This method is quite expensive and time-consuming. 

Horizontal decorating 

You can get creative with decorating and use horizontal objects to divert attention away from low ceilings. These decorations can include wide landscape paintings, wallpaper with horizontal stripes and accent lighting in narrow. For lighting sources, use light fitting arranges around the room in the middle of the wall rather than overhead bulbs as they draw eyes up to the ceiling. If you have windows in your basement, make sure they lit the room properly, giving a spacious perception of the area rather making it feel closed and cramped. 

Relocate ducts 

Many basements have ducts and pipes running through them, reducing the height of the ceiling height. Either you can decorate the ducts to make them more presentable, or you can reroute the ducts altogether so that they run along the outside of the house. You could also cover the ducts using drywall which helps to make a coffered ceiling.

Lighting layouts

You can make the outlook of a low ceiling basement better by re-arranging your lighting around the room. Avoid casting major shadows by covering the area well which could be done by using a generous amount of ceiling fixtures. Recessed fixtures are ideal for space, but low profile strip can also help create an open perception of the space. Avoid using lamps, since they tend to illuminate the upper area and create shadows down below. This ends up sandwiching the visual scale of the scale making it appear congested. Make sure to make the most of the natural lighting through windows. 

Ceiling considerations  

There are many different designs that provide reasonable ceiling height including:

  • Wood Paneling – a cost-effective option that closes off your ceiling without adding extra bulk to it. Wood paneling can be nailed or stapled onto the floor directly as well. 
  • Drywall ceiling – drywall ceiling is known to give a sleek finish to your ceiling. Even though it might take a little longer than usual and may require some extra energy as compared to mudding, but it is an effective way to redecorate your low ceiling. 

Whichever type of ceiling you decide to choose, if you plan on painting your ceiling, go for neutral colors, like white or off-white. This not reflects more light but also helps to brighten up space.  

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