12 Great Ideas for Remodeling the Basement Tips You Can Use

Does your house have a basement? Has it slowly been stockpiling all the family’s cast-offs and memorabilia that you will never use again? Do the words extra space and spare room sound magical to you? That means it is time that you converted your basement into an amazing space for you and your family! With the twelve ideas we have listed below, you can put a stop to letting all that precious square footage going to waste. What’s more, you might not be able to apply these ideas to your main living space. But they will be perfect for the basement! So, here are 12 great ideas for remodeling the basement and tips you can use:

Entertaining Area

If your basement lies unused, try turning it into an alternative spot for entertaining guests. A kitchenette with a bar on the side is all you’d need to make that happen. Give the whole place a vintage vibe by adding an antique wall clock, pipe shelving, and some wooden crates.

Movie Theatre

Does your basement lack windows? Don’t despair just yet! We have another great idea that perfectly suits such a room. Think in terms of a dark room with a huge flat screen, and a sound system. Dim the lights, put on a movie, and make some popcorn for your very movie theatre! You’d need comfy couches and recliners of course.

Wine Cellar

Are you an oenophile? Then this idea is perfect for you! Turn your basement into a wine cellar where you can savor the best vintages with your friends and family. Is the basement too small for that? No worries, simply install a wine rack and move on to the other important elements, such as insulation, lighting, and ventilation. 


If you are already in the middle of a remodel, then consider putting in a bathroom in your basement! One, this will only increase your home’s value if you ever think of selling. Two, what family wouldn’t love an extra bathroom, specially with teenagers in the house?

Art Studio

Don’t like the world barging in when you are hard at work? Then why not create your own space in the basement to keep it out? An art studio down there would also mean the mess stays downstairs! Just make sure you have plenty of lighting and use bright colors to make the space livelier and inspiration-inducing!

Reading Spot

It doesn’t make much to convert a basement into a reading nook. If you have bookshelves, start by moving them into the basement. Even if you are slowly building your collection, all you’d require are a cozy chair, a stack of your favorite novels, and a blanket.


With a walkout in the basement, you could even rent it out! Think about it, there would be no need to use the main entrance of the house to enter the basement. Just install a bathroom while you are remodeling, and the basement can become a small annex of its own!

Children’s Game Room

A basement needs custom storage shelves and closed cabinets to become a game room. Depending on the interest of your kids, you can also add a place for board games, arts and crafts supplies, and a basketball net.

Home Gym

No more gym memberships that keep draining your wallet. Who has the time to go to a gym after work anyway? All most of us can think about is getting home. But what if the gym is right downstairs in your basement? Buy a yoga mat, inexpensive free weights, and an exercise ball. Then add other equipment like treadmill etc. later on.

Music Room

Have a passion for music? Then turn your basement into a music room. Soundproof it and you’d be able to play any instrument without disturbing the other occupants in your home. Remember comfort is the key and innovation wins the game when it comes to remodeling!


An extra bedroom sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Then why not turn the basement into one today?

Basement Bachelor

Earn rent from bachelor tenants by converting your basement into a basement bachelor! This will also have a positive effect on your home’s resale value.

Which of these ideas caught your eye? Have you done something cool with your basement already? Sound off in the comments section below!

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