Attorney Ratings and Reviews Where to Find them

Attorney ratings and reviews – Where to find them is a common question that many people ask when looking for a good attorney.  Finding a good attorney is not easy with the number of attorneys practicing in different locations increasing rapidly on daily basis. Attorney ratings and reviews help individuals or businesses in identifying the best attorneys in their locations.

However, just like other fields ratings and reviews are proliferating rapidly. There has been a tremendous growth of the ranking lists and ratings for legal services. In the past, only a single institution could determine the best attorneys or the best law firms.

Currently, there are different institutions that evaluate and rank legal services and firms, as such, it is important to know where to find the ratings and reviews for attorneys before making your choice. As an attorney or legal practitioner, you should also be familiar with what is happening both offline and online. You also need to know how ratings and reviews affect your business and reputation.

There are many websites that offer ratings and reviews for attorneys. These websites can be categorized on the basis of the kind of reviews and rating that they provide as well as the persons who generate the reviews and ratings. They include the following:

Client reviews and ratings
These are reviews and ratings given by clients after hiring services of different attorneys. They can be found on websites that allow clients to write their reviews, testimonials and then rate the attorneys after hiring their services. They are based on the experiences of clients on the quality of the services offered by the attorneys.

Peer endorsements
These are reviews and ratings of attorneys based on the view of other attorneys. For instance, a personal injury attorney can write a review and rate a bankruptcy attorney on the basis of knowledge of the quality of the service that the attorney provides. Such reviews and ratings are commonly used by different people in hiring legal services because they consider the endorsements to be based on the knowledge that an attorney has for the other that other clients may not have. They are commonly found on websites that offer reviews and ratings for legal services.

Practice area reviews and ratings
These are reviews and ratings that focus on certain specialties allowing attorneys to score certain points on their area of practice. They are based on confidential and anonymous feedback from peers and clients. The ratings can be found on various websites that provide attorney reviews and ratings. 

Experts’ reviews and ratings
Groups of legal experts have established websites where they post reviews and ratings of different attorneys on the basis of reviews, testimonials and ratings from clients of these attorneys. The reviews and ratings are based on studies that focus on the feedback of clients on various questions that the experts ask them to determine their satisfaction or dissatisfaction on the quality of the offered legal services.

It is important to note that some reviews and ratings are based on the feedback of anonymous persons. This implies that they may not always be genuine and some can even be by the attorneys themselves. Therefore, when finding an attorney to represent you in your case or provide you with appropriate legal advice, take your time to conduct extensive research.

You can also consider reviews and ratings from persons you know or experts that you have confidence in. This will enhance your chances of choosing a good attorney on the basis of relevant and reliable reviews, testimonials and ratings.

Where to find attorney ratings and reviews is a common question. However, with good reviews and ratings finding a good attorney to represent you in your case is easy.

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