Asbestos Removal Procedure What is involved

Asbestos removal procedure-what is involved? This is a common question that many home and property owners ask when they realize that asbestos in their homes is already releasing harmful dust particles. Due to the risky carcinogen, asbestos is very harmful and it requires careful and restricted handling. Asbestos is one of the major causes of lung cancer which explains why it should never be handled carelessly. We recommend only having a licensed professional do this. 

Nevertheless, if you are thinking of removing asbestos in your property, consider the procedure that should be followed in its removal. This is because whether it is you who will do the job or another person, mishandling asbestos can have painful and tragic consequences not only for the homeowner but also for the family and occupants of the entire building where asbestos is being removed. You might think that hiring a professional contractor to remove asbestos is costly but it is not as expensive as treating diseases that are related to it. This leads to the big question that many property owners ask when it comes to removing this substance; asbestos removal procedure-what is involved? The procedure for removing asbestos is as follows:

Gathering proper equipment.

The first step in the removal of asbestos is ensuring that you have the right equipment. This should start with having the right protective equipment and clothing. Among the minimum or basic equipment that you will need include the following:

  • Respirator that is large enough to cover the nose and the mouth. It should also have HEPA filters and dual cartridges
  • Non-fogging vented goggles
  • Several pairs of rubber gloves that are disposable
  • Several pairs of built-in booties and disposable coveralls
    Lace-less rubber boots that have a pull-on design 

Among the tools that you will need include the following:

  • About two to three gallons tank sprayer
  • Dust pan and putty knives of 4 to 8 inches
  • Disposal bags for asbestos waste
  • Sheeting made of polyethylene plastic of 2 to 6 mil
  • Clean rags that are disposable 
  • Duct tape
  • Detergent for liquid dish
  • Sealer  

Depending on the part of the home or property where asbestos is, you will need other tools such as a step ladder, razor scrappers and abrasive pads. These are needed when the asbestos being removed is on the floors or ceilings. Most of these materials are easy to purchase from online and local vendors. You can also find them from online outlets that sell safety clothing and equipment.
Preparing the worksite

Once you have the right equipment and tools, it is now time to prepare the worksite. Start by putting up the warning signs because you will be liable in case you cause injury or harm to other persons through asbestos exposure to them from your property. In the event of injury resulting from such an eventuality, you will be treated like any other entity like a corporation.

The next step is to remove all furniture from the working area. Also remove electrical fixtures and turn of the current. Only portable lights should be used where necessary. The containment area should also be built before the actual removal of asbestos. Polyethylene should be used and this should be done by covering the non-contaminated surfaces using plastic sheeting and a duct tape to seal it.

Asbestos removal

The basic procedure is as follows:

  • Wet down the material made of asbestos and the surfaces of the containment area using amended water.
  • Allow the material to soak after spraying until it get consistency of loose clay or dough

Scrap off the material and then deposit it in the disposal bags

If the material fails to loosen after spraying it, call a professional if you were doing the job yourself. After removal, asbestos should be disposed off professionally and carefully.
The question; asbestos removal procedure-what is involved might be easy to answer but it is important to know that the task should be performed professionally. 

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