Affordable Brazilian Blowout - Extensions and Hair Bundles

Brazilian Blowout, also called Brazilian hair straightening treatment, Escova Progressiva, Keratin Straightening, BKT, and Keratin Cure, is a temporary hair straightening method. It works by sealing a preservative solution and a liquid keratin into your hair using a hair iron. Brazilian blowouts are popular in the U.S. because they eliminate fizz and your hair, once straightened, will stay straight for about 3 months. The treatment is also popular because it can be done on virtually any type of hair, including bleached hair, colored hair, hair that has hi-lights, permed hair, previously straightened hair, and relaxed hair.

You need not spend a fortune on Brazilian blowout. There are several tips on how to get affordable Brazilian blowout. The cost of the treatment varies from $150 to $600, depending of the length of the hair. You could choose the cheaper option if you are on a budget, but be careful not to compromise on quality.

You should avoid the temptation of getting the Brazilian blowout at home or worse still, of doing the job yourself. Harsh chemicals are used for the blowout and these should be handled by an expert. Straightening the hair is a complex process that should only be done by a trained and experienced hair stylist.

You could get affordable Brazilian blowout by comparing different hair stylists or salons. If the ones in your neighborhood are not cheap enough, plan the trip. You will save more than you spend on transportation.

Consider the time of day you are making the appointment. Be flexible such as coming in very early or very late to attract a discount. Do not shy away from asking for a discount.

If you do not want to treat you hair, you could always go for hair extensions or bundles that have been treated. You could get affordable Brazilian blowout by buying your extensions or bundles from cheap manufacturers. If you want natural hair at a good price, you will find this in India. The hair is cut in a clean and hygienic environment, collected, and auctioned. Italian hair is common in the market, but note that this is basically imported Indian hair. China has entered the market in the recent past. Its hair is coarser and straighter than Indian hair and is cheap and readily available, but the hair is often non-remy and will not stay for long. European hair actually comes from Latin America, Moldavian, Ukraine, or India. The term is only used to refer to the texture that is similar to that of Europeans. Russian hair is a good option, but it is very expensive, with an ounce going for as much as $200. You, however, get great value for money because the hair can be used for several years. Virgin hair refers to hair that has never been permed or colored.

If you are on a real budget and you want hair bundles or extensions, you could go for synthetic hair. You should, however, be warned that it does not take an expert to know that you do not have real hair as is the case with natural weaves. Other than the fact that you will have an affordable Brazilian blowout with synthetic hair, but this option is also advantageous in that the air is more heat resistant (using an iron is easy) and it does not matt fast

You could buy hair bundles or extensions for the Brazilian blowout over the Internet. This not only allows you to compare different options and to shop anonymously and conveniently, but you will also get very low prices. The low prices are because of the intense online competition and the fact that online stores and marketplaces have low overhead costs.

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