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Small business owners...want more customers, clients and local referrals?  Want to find the best business networking groups? How does an exclusive business network of up to 1,500 local businesses who refer each other sound to you? Amazing? Well, it's here!

SmartGuy® is already in over 20,000 cities and growing each day.  Small business owners love the easy way to generate business leads, reduce their advertising and and instantly generate quality local referrals.

How does it work?

Go to,  click the Join Us tab at the top, and within 1-2 minutes your done! SmartGuy® will list you in your local SmartGuy® city business directory, SmartGuy® city business network, exclusively connect you to up to 1,500 local referring businesses and create an editable webpage for your business (including hosting) that can rank quickly on search engines.

SmartGuy's biggest Value...

But the biggest value in joining SmartGuy® might be the future benefit of being the ONLY professional in a massive city business network - and the ongoing referrals one can receive. Imagine the value of being the only life insurance agent, house painter or any of up to 1,500 other categories of professionals in these local referral machines.

Just as Amazon® has improved the relationship between consumers and retailers, and Uber®  has improved the process between people and getting to destinations, SmartGuy® is changing the way businesses grow with a unique spin that will not only make it easier for consumers to find local quality businesses, but provide ongoing virtually free leads for up to 1500 businesses within each city!

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