Affiliate Program

Imagine earning an ongoing monthly revenue of thousands of dollars per month while
working from your home. Sounds impossible? It’s not... Simply find a need and create
 an easy, 
inexpensive solution. That is what we have done at SmartGuy.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for small business owners is generating customers. Without them
no business can survive. Most find that a
dvertising isn't enough. But, they all agree that
there is no  better quality customer than a referral, since they are free, trusted and
 have the highest  closing rate
So, why don't all business owners focus on getting more
 referrals? Because
 asking for referrals makes many people uncomfortable

The Solution

SmartGuy will do it for them! Business owners can join SmartGuy 24/7 online for as
 little as $99 for their first year and are aligned with up to 1000+ other local referring
 businesses in their local SmartGuy City business network. This can provide them an
  ongoing stream of quality referrals
As their city network grows with businesses,
so do the number of referrals each can receive.

What we expect of you...

Simply spread the word about SmartGuy in your city! Since we provide each of our
 SmartGuy City Network leaders an exclusive position, you don't need to worry about
anyone going around you! If they sign up in your city, you get the credit - whether you
 referred them or not
! To help you, we have created several proven online and offline
 ways to quickly build your city network, including numerous promotional materials
 you can easily share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedIn, Youtube and more. 

Here is how you profit!

Businesses can choose a $49 per month plan (no contract) or pay $199 total for their whole
first year. The first 20 businesses in each city get an additional 50% off, which helps to build
momentum and 
 quickly fill the city networkSmartGuy City network leaders earn 100%
 of the city 
generated revenue each month until 
their monthly fee is covered. Then 50% of
 revenue thereafter 
up to $25,000  per month

So how much is it to become a SmartGuy City Leader?

Only $199 per month if the city's population is under 100,000 and $399 per month if
it's over that. 
Most leaders are already profiting after only a few sign ups each month. After
 the first year, all businesses will pay $49 per month and the leaders earn $25 per month
 per business. 100 business = $2,500 per month, 500 businesses = $12,500 per month.
1,000 businesses - $25,000 per month. It's that simple!

The Importance of Ongoing Revenue!

At SmartGuy, our leaders are part of our family. We want to make sure they realize
 the importance of recurring income. So many people  never consider what happens
 when they stop working. Financial freedom comes by creating an ongoing income
stream! As a SmartGuy City Network Leader, you are helping to build financial
 freedom for you and your family
. You work when you want.

So what are you waiting for?

You can become a City leader 24/7 in as little as 1-2 minutes! There is no hardware,
software and nothing to install.  SmartGuy leaders have access to tons of easy
 to share online ads,
 videos and other materials to help spread the word.  There is
even a LIVE video zoom call 
each week with the CEO sharing the latest strategies,
 materials and 
techniques other city
 leaders use to grow their city networks!  What
 other opportunity allows 
you to work from home and earn that kind of recurring income? 

ACT FAST ! Cities are first come - first serve and over 50 cities
 have already been taken! Your future awaits


“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure
 you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”
                                                                     Richard Branson