Affiliate Program

We are looking for one entrepreneur within each city to grow our SMARTGUY city business networks. Just introduce SMARTGUY to local businesses and get paid as they sign up each month, whether you refer them or not! 

The Challenge
The biggest challenge for small business owners is generating customers. Without them, no business can survive. With an unavoidable recession on the way and artificial intelligence (AI) soon excluding businesses from search engines, Many small businesses will be forced to close.

The Solution
SMARTGUY® is exclusively connecting hundreds of referring businesses together within each of over 20,000 cities. While SMARTGUY's large public promotion doesn't begin until early 2024, businesses can join now and secure their spot as the only profession in their city and category. 

What businesses get
Business owners receive an SEO-boosted business page, high-ranking article links, inclusion in both the local consumer directory and city business referral network, are automatically aligned with local referring businesses and are included in the SMARTGUY phone app, allowing them to easily call, text, meet or refer other local business owners with a single click! All this for less than $9 per month!

What we expect of you...
Simply spread the word about SMARTGUY in your city! Since we give each of our SMARTGUY City Network leaders an exclusive position, you don't need to worry about anyone going around you! If they sign up in your city, you get the credit - whether you referred them or not! The faster SMARTGUY grows, the more you earn!

Here is how you profit!
Businesses can choose a $49 per month plan (no contract) or pay $99 total for the whole year. SMARTGUY City Leaders automatically earn 50% of their city income each month!

Cost to become a SmartGuy City Leader?
Only $99 per month (no contract) regardless of the city's population. SmartGuy city networks are exclusive to only 1 person per city and they are first come first serve. Act Fast! 

So what are you waiting for?
You can become a City leader 24/7 in as little as 1-2 minutes! There is no hardware, no software and nothing to install.  SmartGuy leaders have access to tons of easy to share online ads, videos and other materials to help spread the word.  There is even a LIVE video zoom call each week with the CEO sharing the latest strategies, materials and techniques other city leaders use to grow their city networks!  


“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure
 you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”
     Richard Branson