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Looking for a West Saint Paul, MN Chiropractor? No more "Cracking, Popping or Twisting" of the joints. We utilize a revolutionary technique called KST (Koren Specific Technique). Results are the key to our office. Our goal is to improve your health by using technology and methods that work. Come in and see why KST is so effective. We quickly and easily analyze and adjust the structural system for subluxations and immediately know if the subluxation was corrected. We work on cranial bones, TMJ, the entire spinal column, pelvis, pectoral girdle, sternum, coccyx, ribs, and extremities. Be adjusted standing, sitting, lying and in the position of an injury. Locate and release anxiety or panic (fight/flight) subluxation patterns. Correct Dowagers hump patterns. See dramatic retracing (a real measure of healing). Gentle enough to use on everyone infants to the very elderly. So if you are in West Saint Paul, MN or anywhere in the Southeast Metro Area, and need a Chiropractor, please contact us.

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