Automatic Mortgage Leads

Automatic Mortgage Leads

One of the biggest secrets in the mortgage industry is an amazing way to truly generate live-real time mortgage leads for as little as $1 each - no kidding!

It allows you to generate a constant flow of non-stop mortgage leads 24/7, enabling you to focus your time qualifying and closing leads – not trying to find them.

In fact, some of the largest and most successful lenders in the country not only use this system to dominate their state in loan production, they have changed the organization to account for the massive amount of inbound leads.

The best part is it’s simple, inexpensive and allows even the newest lenders the ability to secure relationships with the top real estate agents in their area (and all their loan prospects), regardless of their years of inexperience.


It all works using special inexpensive 800 numbers you can get from SmartGuy800.

Once you have signed up and received your 800 numbers (takes just 1-2 minutes), find the top agents in your area and allow them to use these numbers to provide “Free 24 Hour Recorded Information” on their listings.

The agents will LOVE using their new 800 number and will place the number and specific extensions on their property signs, flyers, newspaper/magazine ads, as well as on, Trulia, Zillow and their websites because it quickly increases the calls and prevents them from ever losing a single lead again, 24/7.

Let me explain. Potential buyers see the "Free 24 Hour Recorded property information advertised and call it much more often since it is free, available 24 hours a day and is recorded or non-confrontational.

After listening to the information, they can select to (1) directly connect to the agent for more information or to tour the property, (2) directly connect to YOU to get pre-qualified for a home loan for free, (3) leave a voice mail message or (4) get faxed property or loan information.


Even if the potential buyer listens to the information and hangs up without saying a word, SmartGuy800 automatically captures the property address, marketing source that triggered the call and the caller’s phone number and makes it available on 8 live caller reports or sends that information LIVE and REAL-TIME to both the agent and YOU via email or SMS to phone!

This allows the real estate agent the ability to immediately call the potential buyer back at the height of their interest and see if they would like to tour the property, and YOU to call the buyer back and pre-qualify them for free.

In other words, the more real estate agents you have and the more listings they have, the more leads you are automatically getting 24/7!


Think about it. The SmartGuy800 numbers are only about $45 a month (they are having a 20-year anniversery special right now so their is NO activation fee and you also get 1,000 Free minutes per month!)

An average agent with 4-5 listings might generate 30-40 buyers a month. So, that means you are paying about $1 lead for a LIVE real-time buyer/loan prospects!

Want to hear more about the program?

You can visit the site listed below or email their CEO directly at