The Power of 24 Hours

The Power of 24 Hours

So many innovations have occurred in the last 10-15 years to help businesses by increasing the speed of communication between themselves and consumers.

Though, it really began about 30 years ago when ARPANET adopted TCP/IP. This led to researchers assembling the “network of networks” that became the modern Internet. It was about seven years later that computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (not sure where Al Gore was at the time, but I digress).

The key point is that businesses now had the ability to communicate 24 hours a day/7 days a week with each other and more importantly with everyone else.


Today, some of the largest companies Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu, Ebay, Priceline, Yahoo and others all rely on the internet to offer “Free 24 Hour Information” in order to provide customers “what they want when they want it!” But that is only the FIRST STEP.

The SECOND STEP is to drive the potential customers to their site. This can be done two ways: either one must pay to advertise their company or provide enough direct value to potential customers to have it grow by “word of mouth”.

The THIRD STEP is to be able to communicate with the customer and “close the deal” 24/7 at the height of their interest – not days or weeks later.

That being said, most companies adhere to the first step, but not to the second step or third step.


Most business owners mistakenly think that only getting their name out there in the massive World Wide Web is enough to be found.

That is like the UNSUCCESSFUL fisherman who rows their boat into the middle of the ocean, drops in a fishing line in the water and expects to catch a lot of fish.

The SUCCESSFUL fisherman satisfies the three steps by (1) having a fish finder to make sure they know exactly where the fish are, (2) offering direct value to their potential “clients” by having a nice variety of desirable fish bait, and (3) using multiple hooks on fishing lines which they run in the water 24 hours a day!

The point is you must know where your customers are, what they want and most importantly…you must feed them when they are hungry 24/7! It is not enough to say they should eat (buy your product or service) when you are offering it to them.


There is a simple inexpensive tool that can easily turn your internet “Hits” into “leads.” It allows you to generate leads 24 hours a day and fully take advantage of the power of the 24 hour internet, helping to guarantee you NEVER lose even a single lead.

Specifically, you can (1) offer free 24 hour recorded information on your company/product/or service, (2) allow customers to directly connect to your cell phone (or any number you want which you can change when you want) no matter where you’re at and (3) allows you to follow up with them automatically…every time (even if they hang up without saying a word)!

It’s called SmartGuy800. Haven’t heard of them yet?

SmartGuy800 has been providing a simple wireless telephonic solution for real estate, mortgage and other professionals for 20 years, secretly used by many of the top real estate, mortgage, insurance and other businesses!

It’s actually simple really. They provide you a special wireless 800 number embedded with their technology allowing you to provide “Free 24 Hour Recorded Information”, with multiple extensions, direct connects, voicemail, faxback, instant notifications - all the bells and whistles of the best virtual phone system.

But that alone is not enough… In fact, if it only did that (as in the case of most virtual phone systems), it can actually cause you to lose leads!



in addition to the above, SmartGuy800 automatically captures the

• Topic of interest they called on,
• Marketing source that triggered the call, and the
• Caller’s phone number – even if they called and hung up without saying a word, had an unlisted number and even bypasses Caller ID Blocking to guarantee never losing a valuable lead!!!

You can get this information instantly via email or SMS to your phone, or browse 8 different real time caller reports.

In other words, you can now satisfy “the three steps” by offering:

• Offering customers want they want when they want it,
• Providing consumer informational tips they want to know (value), and finally a way to
• Instantly connect with you at the height of their interest and if you’re not available, the ability to call them back!

The power of 24 is a way to print money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t only run your press a few hours a day when you happen to be available.

Harness the power that the internet has brought you to its fullest and turn your website into a non-stop lead machine!

For more information on SmartGuy800,

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or try it out by calling the demo line at (800) 4-INFO-NOW / (800) 446-3666 and listen to how it is used in different industries!