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Looking for the best Physicians & Surgeons - Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Dallas TX?
P. Craig Hobar, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can assist you.

Cosmetic Surgery Producing Natural & Beautiful Results in Dallas, TX

At our Dallas practice, Dr. Craig Hobar provides an extensive array of aesthetic enhancement procedures for the face and breasts of his patients, all with a firm dedication to safety and excellence. With a deep passion for the artistry and science of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Hobar can help you achieve a renewed, beautiful and natural appearance.

A Premier Leader Among Plastic Surgeons

As a highly successful plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Hobar has risen to the top echelons of the plastic surgery field, with thousands of successful, natural results.

Our featured services include:

“No Breast Scar” Breast Augmentation

With a breast augmentation designed to enhance size or shape, breast surgeon, Dr. Hobar, can provide you with a natural look without leaving a scar on the breast.

“Natural Appearance” Face Lift

Achieve a more youthful rejuvenated appearance through Dr. Hobar’s personalized and detailed facelift surgery technique to create natural, long lasting results.


Whether you desire rhinoplasty to enhance the appearance of your nose or to improve your breathing, Dr. Hobar administers great detail to reconstruct and sculpt cartilage and bone to produce outstanding results.

Genioplasty and Chin Implant

Dr. Hobar can improve the bony structure of your face with the addition of a chin implant or a sliding genioplasty resulting in the overall enhancement of your profile.

Whether you want to attain superb results from Botox, chin augmentation, a brow lift, or any other cosmetic procedure, Dr. Hobar has the knowledge, experience and passion to help you look and feel your best. Call us today at (972) 566-7300to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients from Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding cities.

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