Which Style of Yoga is Right for you - Best Choices

Yoga is a way of life that helps you to exercise your body, calm your mind, and find good health and in some cases, religion as well. In the western world, yoga has been used mostly as a means of exercise and relaxation or calming the body. There are many different styles and techniques of yoga in the world. Choosing one depends on what you are trying to achieve in your life with the yoga. In general, there are three goals for yoga that most people usually try to achieve and these will help you in making the best choices on which styles to use.

Yoga for Fitness and exploring the Mind-Body Connection
Yoga is a great tool to exercise with just like any other fitness regimes. This is because most yoga styles involves stretching and working out the muscles, meditation to facilitate a greater mind body connection and breathing exercises to give you stamina as well as relaxation. However, when t comes to choosing yoga for fitness and working out your body, you should go for the more vigorous styles of yoga.

Ashtanga yoga is for those who want a serious work out. It is very demanding if participants as movement is in a series of flows, you will find yourself jumping from one position to another while building flexibility and stamina. This type of yoga is not advisable for beginners. Brikram yoga is also a high power yoga regime. It involves 26 asanas that are designed to warm and stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments. Both of these types of yoga are the best choices for individuals looking for a good work out.

Injury, Chronic Medical condition or Old Age
There are also some individual who may be seeking the healing and rehabilitative power of yoga. The spiritual use of yoga was not only as a means of stretching and working out the body but also finding healing and good health. Therefore individuals who are in old age, recovering from injuries or have chronic medical conditions can also benefit from the use of yoga as a way to restoration to good health. Yoga encompasses the body and the mind and therefore the complex mind processes can be engaged in the body movement in order to bring about improved condition of the individual.

You should go for yoga styles that are slower, and focus on finding the safest and precise alignment for each student.  Kripalu is a type of yoga that honors the wisdom of the body. It emphasizes on the proper breath, alignment and coordinating of the breath and movement. It works according to the limit of the flexibility of an individual. Viniyoga is also a methodology for developing practices for individual conditions and purposes which makes it perfect for people in special conditions of health. Viniyoga is a contemporary type of yoga in which the adaptation and intensity depend on the goals of the individual.

Meditation and Spirituality
There are many individuals who seek to use yoga as a means of meditation, spirituality, chanting as well as for its philosophical aspects. Yoga involves a lot of activities that encourage calming the mind and even reaching the body through the mind.  A lot of discipline in meditation can be gained through yoga as it teaches the body to focus all aspects of control such as breathing and body position towards the attention of the mind.

Kundalini yoga is perfect for meditative and spiritual purposes. It is one of the best choices of yoga styles for individuals who are looking for classic posses, breath and movement coordination and meditation. It focuses on the controlled released on kundalini energy.