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There are very many exercise machines available in gyms and in the market.  Choosing the right one is no mean task.  No machine can be expected to   be appropriate to all those doing workouts so as to get in shape.  You may have found yourself thinking about which machines are best for exercise.  This is a worthwhile consideration so as to ensure you exercise with a machine that provides the best workout while at the same time being safe for you to use.  One of the machines that may be considered to provide an all round exercise experience is the elliptical trainer.  It provides a low impact experience during a workout. Other exercises such as aerobics and running are usually tough on the body.  Running puts up to 6 times body weight on joints such as the ankles, hips, knees and back.  On the other hand elliptical training   is natural and has an easy gliding motion which lowers the impact on the joints.  This is a property that has been seconded by The American College of Sports and Medicine and reduces the risk of arthritis and orthopedic injuries. 

Elliptical training also burns extra calories as the machine holds up the bulk of your weight during exercises.   It is a form of training that is performed when one is upright and supporting their own body weight.  It is worthy to note that rowing and cycling burns less calories at a given weight in comparison to elliptical training.  If you have a busy schedule and you are wondering which machines best are best for exercise then the elliptical trainer is a good choice. 

In a 2004 publication of The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Activity it was written that the elliptical trainer improved fitness after 12 weeks of exercise than any other form of physical fitness such as stair climbing or running.  On the other hand the elliptical trainer is available at different prices.  The featured model comes with whistles and bells at a price of several thousand US dollars.   However there are the non-mechanized gliders which fold for easy portability going at around 100 dollars.  The wide range ensures that all fitness budgets are catered for.   The many components of elliptical machines increase the amount of calories that are burnt during exercise. However beginners should start with arm exercises first.

The question of which machines are best for exercise is very valid.   If you are standing in a gym full of equipment then you may probably be wondering which one can make you more fit and burn the extra calories more easily.   You can also seek help from an exercise physiologist who is in a position to physically evaluate your body and make recommendations.  Do not depend on the advice of a friend who may have used a particular machine and got wonderful results.

It is advisable to find out which machine is right for you.   For instance, if you are looking to burn lot calories then the treadmill is a good choice.  On it you can burn 100 calories after every mile.  The treadmill can be adjusted to different fitness levels by raising the speed or adjustment of the incline.  However even walking leads to joint pain for those who are overweight.   On the other hand a treadmill requires balancing especially for beginners.

The machine that exercises more muscles burns more calories. However, this is not good for beginners as exercising more muscles leads to being fatigued faster.   This reduces the rate at which calories are burnt.  Beginners should start with a machine that exercises fewer muscles and then graduate to other machines as they gain more experience and tolerance.

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