What the Real Cost of a DUI

Many people do not understand what the real cost of a DUI is. This explains why, day by day, people continue being charged of drunken driving offences. If your main goal is to cut down unnecessary expenses this year then you need to avoid facing a DUI. Below are some of the consequences of facing a DUI conviction.

Over the years, the situations following a DUI conviction have become more and more demanding. For instance, many states have made it mandatory for someone facing a DUI conviction to undertake the DUI courses in a DUI school. This education does not come for free. You will be required to pay more than $100 to attend classes, not to mention the admission fees that you also have to pay at the beginning. Bear in mind that, in case you turn up drunk to class, you will be required to start again which means more expenses.

Additionally, if you are facing a DUI conviction, chances are that you will be required to attend one of those meetings that allow you to interact with victims of drunk drivers as well as family members of victims of drunken drivers. You will have to spare some time to go through these meetings if you are required by law.

With enhancement in technology, the state has identified ways to stop drunk driving by coming up with an ignition interlock. This equipment is a form of breathalyzer which prevents the car from starting when your level of alcohol is beyond the allowable amount, that is, over .02 of blood alcohol. This is obviously an extra expense that you must consider if required by law. The state may expect you to go through a number of hours of community service if you are convicted of a DUI.

In order to understand what the real cost of a DUI is, you need to consider the whole process when you are facing this charge. For instance, if you are charged with DUI, you will start by looking for a good attorney, this means setting aside attorney fees which may be as high as $15,000. You will have to dig into your pockets a little deeper if the case has to face a jury or an appeal. The other expense you might be required to cater for are the fines and court fees. These fees are usually as high as $8,000 and paying them is mandatory.

There are also lost wages to consider since you will be spending your time doing community work or in a DUI school instead of taking part in meaningful employment which will earn you a source of income. You may also need to pay up a license reinstatement fee in case you lose your license for a certain period after the DUI conviction.

The other expenses which may be brought about by a DUI include having to pay extra premium over a given number of years, paying for towing services and even installing facilities like the electronic home monitoring device. However, these are only consequences that engage money. Being convicted of a DUI can bring you great loses which are not monetary.

For instance, you may not be able to get a car at a rental facility when faced with a DUI. You may also miss on very critical health insurance offers from insurance companies because of that DUI conviction. Since a person who is convicted of a DUI offence has a criminal record, a lot of restrictions may be imposed on you. For some countries, criminal convictions are reason enough for them to deny you a VISA. Now that you understand what the real cost of a DUI is do you think it is worthy drinking and driving?

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