What is the Best ATV for Recreation or Hunting

ATV's are not a one size fits all affair.  There are different sizes and shapes and they have been designed for various purposes.  Some of them are for military, hunting, emergency use, ranching and more. They also come equipped with 4, 6, and 8 wheels. With the variety that's out there, the question is what's the best ATV for recreation or hunting?  There are several factors that you will need to look at and consider other than just how beautiful and shiny the ATV looks.

The ATV is a great vehicle for the outdoors and for rugged terrain.  Your body on the other hand can take a beating if you have not considered comfort.  Because each machine is different from the next, it is important that you try each one and kind of 'test it' for suitability.  Depending on the size of your body and how much you weigh, it is important to know how good the suspension is.  It is also imperative that you look at how well the ATV handles when you are riding it.  Take it on a test drive and make sure that you feel comfortable in it.

When trying to figure out what's the best ATV for recreation or hunting you want to consider how the gear shift is positioned as well as the height of the handle bar.  Make sure that they don't feel awkward to you.  There needs to be enough space between the gear shift and your knee so that you don't find yourself changing gears by mistake. This can happen especially when you are riding on rough terrain.  Additionally, when you take it out on a test ride make sure that you are comfortable with how the foot brake is positioned.

If all you do is walk into the showroom and walk out with an ATV you may be surprised when the ergonomics don't work out the way you would like them to.  The best thing is to go out for a test drive and drive it for at least 1 hour in the terrain that you will most likely be driving it in.  That said, unless you are buying a used ATV directly from the owner, most dealers may not let you take it out for that long a spin.  You may be able to drive it around the lot but that will not tell you all you need to know.  Just make sure that you are comfortable with it as much as possible.

One of the best ways to answer the question what's the best ATV for recreation or hunting is to get on the Internet and do your research.  Read articles and join forums that talk about ATVs.  If you have questions, simply post them in various forums and let more experienced people advise you.  Once you find out what the best ones are for your needs, narrow down the companies you would like to deal with and then give each a call so you can visit their dealership and check out your machine of choice.

Consider storage and racks that can be used when you go out hunting.  The racks you have on there should be able to handle the gun and a basket to hold your game, which you can also strap to the wracks directly.  Some of them even come with chainsaw mount.  Other things you can look out for are sealable cargo boxes that can be mounted on the ATV.  Should you feel that the ATV you have does not have enough space, feel free to try a trailer that you can bring along to carry your kill.

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