What is in Pizza Why Some Get Digestive Problems

Pizza is not a meal that was discovered recently. It has been around for hundreds of years. It was a traditional Italian meal that was later exported and adopted by many countries. It is now one of the most popular fast food meals and has been adopted by various fast food chains. </P> <P>Pizza is a dynamic meal. Although the base remains the same, the toppings can be changed to practically anything. You will therefore find pizzas with varying ingredients. For this reason it is difficult to say exactly why some get digestive problems. However, you can determine what makes a specific person get a stomach problem by investigating what is in Pizza.

Below are the most common ingredients in pizza that are known to cause digestive problems.

Many people have problems digesting fats. They may have a problem absorbing the metabolites of the fats or breaking down the fats used in making the pizza. This can cause a real problem as pizzas are prepared using fats and also feature a lot of fat in their toppings. This problem however is easily solved. You can choose to prepare pizza taking special attention to the toppings. Ensure that you use low fat cheese or non fat cheese. Ensure that you order a pizza with toppings that do not include high amounts of fats. Toppings such as pepperoni should therefore be avoided.

There are many people who suffer from an allergy to wheat. Some of these people do not even realize that they have this allergy. The allergy occurs when their bodies develop an antibody to wheat protein. They therefore react to wheat as they would to other allergens or disease causing organisms. This problem can be solved by using gluten-free pizza crust. You can also order a pizza that is made from a wheat free crust. These types of pizzas are increasing in fast food joints to cater for those who are unable to eat wheat.

Diary products are another common allergen. Many people are unable to digest lactose as they lack the enzyme lactase. This enzyme may have been present in the early years of the person&#39;s life but is no longer produced by the body. They therefore respond negatively to any dairy products. If you are intolerant to lactose ensure that you avoid pizzas with cheese toppings. You can also request to have a pizza prepared with lactose-free cheese. Some people opt for replacing the enzyme lactase by taking supplemental lactase enzyme. However, it is important to talk to a physician before you take any supplements.

These are a common ingredient in pizzas and in other foods. Tomatoes are acidic in nature. If you have included a sauce with tomatoes in your pizza you may be exacerbating conditions such as heartburn and other gastrointestinal conditions.  This problem is easily solved b trying out different sauces and seeing if there is a difference in your reaction. You will eventually find the right sauce for you to use on your pizza.

It is important to be careful when ordering or making a pizza. Ensure that you keep close attention to the toppings and ingredients used for the pizza. When ordering a pizza, you should ask yourself and what is in pizza&#39; to ensure that you order a pizza that will not result in giving you digestive problems.

Take your time when choosing a pizza. See your doctor if you think you have an allergy to any of the ingredients of a pizza. Ensure that you purchase a pizza that will not cause you to have digestive problems.

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