What is Cost of Removal of Residential Asbestos

What is Cost of Removal of Residential Asbestos? Residential cost of removal of asbestos-what is it? This is a question that many homeowners ask when it comes to removing asbestos. This is because after aging, asbestos start crumbling and flaking and this implies that it releases dust particles that are potentially harmful to the air. People who pass by inhale the dust particles in the air. This necessitates the removal of asbestos once it starts releasing the dust particles to ensure health of your family and that of people who pass by your home.

Since asbestos is known to be a risky carcinogen, it is important to ensure that it is strictly handled by professionals. In fact, asbestos is among the major causes of lung cancers and this is why it should always be handled carefully especially when removing it.

Unfortunately, some homeowners do not realize that some duct work and old pipes are made of or wrapped in asbestos until when they are already old and releasing dust particles. It is important to note that asbestos is not harmful if it is in good condition. It only needs to be enclosed professionally and let in its place. However, if it has already started to degrade it is advisable to remove it professionally from your home or any residential property. This is where the big question comes in; residential cost of removal of asbestos-what is it?

The cost of asbestos removal

Although the cost of removing asbestos vary widely, it is possible to examine the cost of common projects of removing asbestos. One example of such projects is the removal of asbestos in the piping section of older homes.

Removing asbestos as well as its abatement requires proper preparation of the containment area. The material should also be removed carefully. On average, the cost of hiring a contractor is between $200 and $400 per hour. However, there are professional asbestos removal professionals who give a quote on the basis of the size or nature of the job.

There are also sources that quote on the basis of the amount of asbestos to be removed. Such sources indicate that a piping wrapped in asbestos of ten foot can cost a homeowner a fee ranging from $400 to $700 to remove professionally.

In addition, the need for professional inspection of asbestos before removal and even after is highly encouraged. This enables a homeowner to ascertain that indeed there is asbestos in their home and after removal, to ascertain that it has been removed completely. This also comes at a cost. On average, asbestos inspection cost between $600 and $1000.

Importance of professional inspection and removal

Perhaps, the question that you might ask is whether professional inspection and removal of asbestos is really necessary. Inspection is very important because apart from confirming presence of asbestos, it enables the contractor to take appropriate measures in creating containment area or barriers to ensure that its particulates do not go to the other parts of your home. After removal, inspection will gauge the quality of air while ensuring that the conditions are now safe for the home inhabitants.  

It is also important that you have all the money with you because most asbestos contractors do not work on “piece meal” budgets. They insist that you pay the whole project. This implies that if you do not have the money for the entire project they might decline to do the job. In addition, estimate the possible cost of asbestos removal before contacting the contractor to ensure that you have sufficient money for the project. Nevertheless, a professional contractor will be willing to work on contractual basis and they will certify asbestos removal once the project is complete.

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