What do Employment and Workers Comp Attorneys do

What do employment and workers comp attorneys do?  There are two different areas of law that are concerned with the employment domain. One is employment law and the other is workers compensation law. Consequently there are two separate attorneys that deal with them. The practice of employment attorneys are related with how clients are treated at work. And the practice of worker compensation attorney relates with the injury the clients incur at work. 

Employment Attorneys 

Employment attorney provide their clients with legal representation if there are any violations to the Americans with Disability Act. They will represent you if you have been discriminated against because of your disability. These attorneys also provide legal advice and, when needed, legal representation, when their clients are treated differently on account of their race, religion, color, sex, age, disabilities, national origin and genetic information. 

Employment attorneys also know there way around disputes arising out of employment contracts. They are well-versed in the handling issues of wages, non-complete clauses, benefits, confidentiality, bonuses, and duration of employment. They also deal with cases that relate with the violations against Family and Medical Leave Act which protects the employment of the person when they have been afflicted with a severe medical condition or when they have to care for a new family member. 

You could avail the services of the employment attorney in the following scenarios:

  • When you are exposed to unwanted sexual advances or are met with threatening behavior. 
  • Your rights to occupational safety have been violated. 
  • Your health is being affected through your work. 
  • You will also be protected against any retaliating measures taken by your employer. 
  • You have been a part of wage and hour disputes. 
  • You have been wrongfully (illegally) terminated.
  • When you have been inducted as a volunteer but you are being made to work as a proper employee and they are not paying you for it. 

Employment attorney will save their clients from the said violations. They will be able to get your appeals be rewarded with lost wages or other monetary support in case of pain suffered. These attorneys make their cases in front of United States Department of Labor, the Federal Equal employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Washington State Human Rights Commission. There is a shorter statute of limitation for employment law cases and so attorneys advise quick action. 

Worker Compensation Attorneys

Now coming to what the worker compensation attorneys do. Basically they handle the situation where the clients are affected with an injury at their workplaces. 

Worker compensation attorneys make sure that the workers who are injured or their health is affected with something associated with their on-job routine, are given the worker compensation. They ensure that the appellants are given benefits in the form of due medical care, compensation for the time lost, vocational rehab, pensions and other such benefits. Worker compensation attorneys realize that the legal structure surrounding worker compensation is based on no-fault system so what only need to establish is that an injury was caused on-site without having to counter if the employee was at fault. However, they should mention to their clients that in this structure there aren’t a lot of injuries they can claim worker compensation for. 

There is a huge overlap between the duties of the worker compensation attorney and the employment attorney because the issues are mostly the same. For instance, an employee gets hurt at work and then after he has filed a claim against the employer, the employer fires him. Now here the situations overlap, however, the individual would have two different cases and so the attorney would have to treat them differently.  Hopefully, this article has helped you discover what employment and workers comp attorneys do.